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Our Play Space: Spider Web Obstacle Course in Our Backyard!

obstacle course ideas for kids

A peek inside a reader's play space... I had been planning to make an spider web obstacle course for ages. Finally, on a beautiful spring day, I decided it was time to make it and as it would make a great opportunity to get the kids outside. Although it took a little effort to make, it is now one … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Laneway Garden


We created laneway garden in a rarely used space – the passage down the side of our house. It is fairly simple – a low table built out of old building materials that were lying around, and excess pot plants that were cluttering up the main garden. Laneway garden is a mix of plants and … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: A Quiet & Cosy Nook


A peek inside a reader's play space... My two boys (3 & 1.5 years) love to sit here and read or ticklehug each other so I got creative and made some activity cushions so now they can practice their getting dressed skills while they have some quiet time. Thank you to Sonia for sharing her … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Caution! Twins at Play Outdoor Play Space

outdoor play space ideas

A peek inside a reader's play space... This is the outdoor play space of my 4 year old twins. We use this space for every day play, playdates, and learning. I am a beginning homeschooler and my twins are learning through play based learning. Both our indoor and outdoor spaces are inspired by … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Mudpie Kitchen on a Balcony


A peek inside a reader's play space... I’m beyond thrilled to introduce to you our mud pie kitchen! It has all the elements of play that’s close to any child's heart - cooking, getting touchy feel-y in mud and water, making pretend dishes, washing utensils and – well – feeling … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Sharon’s Garden

outdoor play ideas

A peek inside a reader's play space... I am a family child care provider and a gardener so I have worked hard to integrate our outside play spaces into the landscape. We have a wonderful time exploring, playing and working in the gardens, playing on the bridge over the dry creek, climbing on … [Read more...]

The Best of Our Play Space: Inspiring Small Play Spaces

small spaces 2

Our final 'Best Of' post shines the spotlight on four great, small spaces. Who wouldn't want to play in any of the spaces featured here! Who would believe that this gorgeous play space for 3 small children is in a 600 sq ft Manhattan apartment? Kiasa of Living Life and Loving It shared her … [Read more...]

The Best of Our Play Space: Inspiring Creative Play Spaces

creative play space ideas

This week The Best of Our Play Space features four great, creative play spaces. I think this collection shows that no matter how much (or how little) space you have available, that it can be simple to make an engaging, dedicated space for children's creative endeavours. Pauline of Lessons … [Read more...]