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Our Play Space: Space for Reading and for Play

book corner decor suggestion

A peek inside a reader's play space... With a mum is who a teacher librarian in a primary school, this play space was always going to be a bit book-centric, and perhaps a little over organised...librarians do so love a label or do librarians four year old daughters! Having just … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: A Mud Play Kitchen From a Potting Table

mud play kitchen

A peek inside a reader's play space... Loving this clever idea from Kelly of Happy Whimsical Hearts, creating an easy mud play kitchen space from a gardening, potting table. How clever is that! See more of this great play space here. SUBMIT TO OUR PLAY SPACE and have your play space … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Spider Web Obstacle Course in Our Backyard!

obstacle course ideas for kids

A peek inside a reader's play space... I had been planning to make an spider web obstacle course for ages. Finally, on a beautiful spring day, I decided it was time to make it and as it would make a great opportunity to get the kids outside. Although it took a little effort to make, it is now one … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Laneway Garden


We created laneway garden in a rarely used space – the passage down the side of our house. It is fairly simple – a low table built out of old building materials that were lying around, and excess pot plants that were cluttering up the main garden. Laneway garden is a mix of plants and … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: A Quiet & Cosy Nook


A peek inside a reader's play space... My two boys (3 & 1.5 years) love to sit here and read or ticklehug each other so I got creative and made some activity cushions so now they can practice their getting dressed skills while they have some quiet time. Thank you to Sonia for sharing her … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Caution! Twins at Play Outdoor Play Space

outdoor play space ideas

A peek inside a reader's play space... This is the outdoor play space of my 4 year old twins. We use this space for every day play, playdates, and learning. I am a beginning homeschooler and my twins are learning through play based learning. Both our indoor and outdoor spaces are inspired by … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Mudpie Kitchen on a Balcony


A peek inside a reader's play space... I’m beyond thrilled to introduce to you our mud pie kitchen! It has all the elements of play that’s close to any child's heart - cooking, getting touchy feel-y in mud and water, making pretend dishes, washing utensils and – well – feeling … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Sharon’s Garden

outdoor play ideas

A peek inside a reader's play space... I am a family child care provider and a gardener so I have worked hard to integrate our outside play spaces into the landscape. We have a wonderful time exploring, playing and working in the gardens, playing on the bridge over the dry creek, climbing on … [Read more...]