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15 Cool Etsy Prints to Inspire Strong Kids

15 Fabulous Etsy Prints for Today's Kids

Want to waste a few hours? Simply search Etsy for some gorgeous prints for your seven year old daughter's room! I love Etsy and have actually purchased a number of prints for Immy's room (which I will show you in a future post!) but while I was researching I found a heap of prints that I love, and … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: A Backyard Space for Play and Learning

Our Play Space: Backyard Play & Learning

I love how today's play space shows the huge potential for family fun, play and learning an average, suburban backyard can have. Where is the space? Victoria, Australia Tell us a little about how your children use and play in this space Our backyard space is a work in progress. We have … [Read more...]

60+ Inspiring Play Spaces

65 inspirational play spaces

When I was recently looking through the Our Play Space archives I was astonished to realise that over 60 inspiring play spaces had been shared in the series. Wow! There are indoor and outdoor spaces, creative, imaginative and reading spaces, and more! If you are looking for inspiration for play … [Read more...]

Kids & Chores: Printable Setting the Table Placemats

HELPING CHILDREN WITH CHORES-Printable Placemats for Setting the Table

As I shared recently, our intention is to get our two girls involved with a more regular schedule of chores this year as I admit it has been more than a little hit and miss in our house until now. At ages two (nearly three!) and seven one chore that both girls are able to help with is setting the … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Kitchen Art Corner

Art Space for Kids

I love that today's featured play space proves that you don't necessarily have to have a lot of space in your home to dedicate as an art space for children. Where is this playful space? North Yorkshire, UK Tell us a little about the people who play in this space. I set this area up seven … [Read more...]

5 Organising Tips and Tricks For a Happier Home – and You

5 Organising Tips and Tricks For a Happier Home

Today I welcome Katrina Springer from The Organised Housewife with 5 fabulous suggestions for getting your home (and life!) organised. Having my twins all those years ago I struggled to keep my home clean and organised. Being that I had two little babies to care for there came a point that I … [Read more...]

Six for Sunday: 6 Great Chore Chart Ideas

6 great chore chart ideas for kids

We're working on developing a chore system for our girls so I've been scouring the internet for ideas and have found a heap of ideas for making chore time that little more fun! Here are six of my favourites... 1. This just may be the ultimate way to make a chore chart super fun for kids - … [Read more...]

Creating a School Day Launch Pad

Organising with Kids: Creating a school day launch pad

If you are anything like me, it is often the smallest of jobs that take you the longest time to organise or finish! This small space next to our fridge has been destined as a school launch pad for the past two years but it is only now that I have it working like I always dreamed it would! So let me … [Read more...]