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13 Awesome Animal Prints from Etsy

13 Awesome Animal Prints from Etsy

If your child is an animal lover then Etsy is a veritable menagerie of gorgeous art prints perfect for decorating your child's spaces - nursery, bedroom or playroom. Here are 15 of my favourites... {Pictured left to right from top left} Giraffe Photo Print :: Newborn Trendz (you have to check … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: A Light, Bright, Organised Playroom

Kids toy storage and playroom organisztion ideas

The bright, natural light and carefully thought out layout and organisation makes this playroom so inviting. There is certainly lots to inspire, even if you don't have a dedicated playroom space. Where is the space? NY, USA Tell us a little about how your child/ren use and play in this … [Read more...]

12 Cool Alphabet Prints

12 Cool Etsy Alphabet Prints for Kids Rooms

You know I am in love with Etsy, right! Ever since I shared the Cool Prints for Strong Kids post I have been finding all sorts of fabulous prints for kids rooms, including some spectacular alphabets, so today I am sharing 10 really cool alphabet prints that are just perfect for children's spaces, … [Read more...]

35 Ways to Keep Your Home & Family Safe: How Does Your Home Stack Up?

35 Ways to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

This post is sponsored by Coles Insurance. When they are tiny we baby-proof the house and stay close by our child’s side for every little bounce, bump and bang. But as hard as we try we can’t wrap our kids in cotton wool and keep them safe all of the time. What we can do is teach them skills for … [Read more...]

7 Steps to (Simple) Green Living for Frugal Families

7 Steps to Simple Green Living for Families

I know many of us feel a deep-rooted desire to simplify our lives - we think about de-cluttering, about being more frugal and living more greenly as a family. Fortunately there are simple ways families can work together to achieve these goals - just taking small steps to live a little more simply … [Read more...]

15 Cool Etsy Prints to Inspire Strong Kids

15 Fabulous Etsy Prints for Today's Kids

Want to waste a few hours? Simply search Etsy for some gorgeous prints for your seven year old daughter's room! I love Etsy and have actually purchased a number of prints for Immy's room (which I will show you in a future post!) but while I was researching I found a heap of prints that I love, and … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: A Backyard Space for Play and Learning

Our Play Space: Backyard Play & Learning

I love how today's play space shows the huge potential for family fun, play and learning an average, suburban backyard can have. Where is the space? Victoria, Australia Tell us a little about how your children use and play in this space Our backyard space is a work in progress. We have … [Read more...]

60+ Inspiring Play Spaces

65 inspirational play spaces

When I was recently looking through the Our Play Space archives I was astonished to realise that over 60 inspiring play spaces had been shared in the series. Wow! There are indoor and outdoor spaces, creative, imaginative and reading spaces, and more! If you are looking for inspiration for play … [Read more...]