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21 Fun Ways to Rev Up Interest In Your Writing Table

21 Fun Ways to Increase Interest in Your Writing Table P

Need to revive flagging interest in your writing table? Wanting to make the most of this precious learning space? Here are 21 simple ways to get young children interested in playful learning about letters and writing (click through each link for more details). 1. Add a collection of Alphabet … [Read more...]

9 Playful Ikea Hacks

Playful IKEA hacks for kids

Like many families around the world, IKEA is a regular go-to when it comes to furnishing the kids spaces within our home, it's a more affordable option and the items in the children's range are just so kid friendly. The one drawback that I can see -  it can be lacking in a little individualised … [Read more...]

19 Easy Ways to Green Your Groceries

Easy Ways to Green Your Groceries

This post is the fifth in the Easy Green series by Jo Hegerty of Down to Earth Mother. Every time we spend money on food and other essentials, we make a choice about the world we want to live in. We can choose to reduce waste and to support resourcefulness, we can choose people over corporations … [Read more...]

18 Small Worlds for Inspiring Imaginative Play

18 Small Worlds for imaginative play

Long time followers of Childhood 101 know that Immy (now six years old) loves imaginative play, and AJ is most definitely following in her footsteps! Creating a small world for imaginative play is so easy to do - just grab your child's favourite figurines (or small vehicles) and then use a variety … [Read more...]

16 Ways to Help Children Want Less

Helping Children Want Less

This post is the fourth installment in the Easy Green series by Jo Hegerty of Down to Earth Mother. As parents we naturally want to give our children the best, what’s more, we want them to have… more! But as studies have repeatedly shown, money doesn’t bring happiness, and neither does the … [Read more...]

Art Projects for Kids: Rug Painting

Kids art projects_DIY rug painting PIN

This post is by Carrie George of A Little Learning For Two. Recently I overhauled our girl’s play area which we also use as a therapy room for their occupational and speech therapy exercises. I try to keep their space organised and not too overwhelming, but also fun and vibrant. When it came … [Read more...]

21 Fun & Fabulous Pretend Play Spaces for Kids

21 fabulous pretend play spaces featured at Childhood101

Long time friends of Childhood 101 will know that Immy loves imaginative, pretend play in all forms. With AJ showing many signs of following in her big sister's footsteps I have been thinking about ways to transform the dramatic play corner of our playroom to encourage a range of pretend play … [Read more...]

Easy Green: Fun & Games for Green Families

Eco Friendly Family Activity Ideas Ft

This post is the third installment of the Easy Green series by guest contributor Jo Hegerty of Down to Earth Mother. Green living may mean making do with less, but it doesn’t mean you should skimp on the fun. Good, green fun is anything that connects children to the natural world and while most … [Read more...]