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50 Frugal Shopping Tips for When Times Are Tight

I know many of us live on tight household budgets so I recently asked friends of the Childhood 101 Facebook page to share their favourite tips for saving on shopping and cooking when the budget is really tight. The result is a fabulous list of 50 simple tips for making your money go as far as … [Read more...]

7 Steps to (Simple) Green Living for Frugal Families

I know many of us feel a deep-rooted desire to simplify our lives - we think about de-cluttering, about being more frugal and living more greenly as a family. Fortunately there are simple ways families can work together to achieve these goals - just taking small steps to live a little more simply … [Read more...]

8 Tips for Remembering Your Reusable Shopping Bags!

In this Easy Green Living post Jo of Down to Earth Mother shares eight handy tips for developing the habit of actually taking your reuseable shopping bags to the shops with you...something I really struggle with! If I could snap my fingers and change one thing about the world I would make … [Read more...]

12 Budget Busting Hacks for Your Home

1. Simplify your collection of cleaning products. I use vinegar as a general purpose spray, to clean floors, as a window cleaner, as rinse aid in the dishwasher, and in combination with bicarb to clean the oven, shower and drains. Visit The Organised Housewife for a fabulous list of 20 uses for … [Read more...]

Easy Green Habits Just for Kids

In this latest installment of the Easy Green series, Jo Hegerty of Down to Earth Mother shares some practical strategies for encouraging kids to develop their very own easy green habits. Encouraging children to put the environment first develops skills in resilience and empathy. By gently … [Read more...]

19 Easy Ways to Green Your Groceries

This post is the fifth in the Easy Green series by Jo Hegerty of Down to Earth Mother. Every time we spend money on food and other essentials, we make a choice about the world we want to live in. We can choose to reduce waste and to support resourcefulness, we can choose people over corporations … [Read more...]

16 Ways to Help Children Want Less

This post is the fourth installment in the Easy Green series by Jo Hegerty of Down to Earth Mother. As parents we naturally want to give our children the best, what’s more, we want them to have… more! But as studies have repeatedly shown, money doesn’t bring happiness, and neither does the … [Read more...]

Easy Green: Fun & Games for Green Families

This post is the third installment of the Easy Green series by guest contributor Jo Hegerty of Down to Earth Mother. Green living may mean making do with less, but it doesn’t mean you should skimp on the fun. Good, green fun is anything that connects children to the natural world and while most … [Read more...]