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Get Organised! Printable To Do List Planner

Get organized with this printable To Do list. Two handy columns, three colour choices and so many uses. Great for home, school or work.

When I shared the printable 2015 calendar I mentioned that I was really working on being more organised this year with both family life and my work and that I am still very much a pen and paper girl when it comes to being organised. I am also very much a list maker and I think the physical act of … [Read more...]

Best of 2014: Top Ideas for Family Homes

Sharing Our Best Family Home Ideas for 2014

I can hardly believe that it is nearly the end of 2014, the time that I traditionally share lists of the most popular posts on the blog for the year, and today I am starting with our best ideas related to family homes (though somehow a few less literal popular 'home' posts snuck into this … [Read more...]

7 Things I Want Our Children to Always Feel About Our Home

7 Things I Want Our Children to Always Remember About Our Home | Childhood 101

This post is sponsored by Bupa Home & Contents Insurance. When I look around our home too often I see only the problems – things that need fixing, floors that need mopping, lawn that needs mowing and bills to pay, urgh! But I recently had a bit of an Aha! moment and I wondered, what if I … [Read more...]

Creating a Space of Their Own: Tape Art Monogram

Childhood 101 | Tape art monogram project for kids

I often reflect on Randy Pauch's story for many reasons but most recently I have been thinking about how his parents encouraged him to decorate his own bedroom. While I am not quite ready to hand over the paintbrush completely, I asked Immy if she would like to make some changes to how her room … [Read more...]

Creating an Undercover, Outdoor Space for Winter (or Summer) Play

Childhood 101 | Storage in our Undercover, Outdoor Play Space

Now that AJ is on the move it is more important than ever that she has time to potter outdoor each day. Unfortunately, the weather is cooling rapidly and I am not much of a Winter person, in fact I seem to be lacking in some essential gene that finds the cold and rain enticing. While our backyard is … [Read more...]

Getting My Pantry Organised

ideas for pantry storage

This post is sponsored by Howards Storage World. Read on for a fabulous giveaway that I promise will help you to get the problem area of your home organised! When we recently renovated our kitchen I was excited to add drawers to our pantry, thinking that drawers might be the magical answer to one … [Read more...]

LYBFL: 100 Things

100 things

When I came across the concept of getting rid of 100 things recently at Lasso the Moon it really resonated with me. We are a family with too much stuff. In fact, we have boxes that have not been unpacked since our last move, two and a half years ago! I am thinking that anything  sitting in a box for … [Read more...]

A Little Housekeeping


I don't know about you but the lead up to the holiday season always feels to me like a good time to get our house in order - a bit of a pre-Christmas spring clean if you like. My plan this week is to spend a little time (remember I am all for small, achievable steps) getting things organised around … [Read more...]