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Our Play Space: Creating A Space to Write

writing table for kids

In this edition of the Our Play Space series the spotlight shines brightly on a fabulous writing space for children that I know you'll love. Enjoy! A Child's Writing Space Where is this playful space? Victoria, Australia Tell us a little about the people who play in this space This was … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Outdoor Play Mud Kitchen 

our play space mud kitchen featured at Childhood 101

This week I am excited to re-introduce the Our Play Space series. Each fortnight you will find an exciting playful space from around the interwebs featured here at Childhood 101 and today we are kicking off with a fabulous outdoor play mud kitchen - just check out the inviting bridge, the fantastic … [Read more...]

Making Space for Outdoor Play When Space is Tight

Mud play space - outdoor play in small spaces

Christie recently shared some great ideas for creating an outdoor play space kids will adore and I thought it might be fun to follow up with some of the ways we make space for outdoor play in our rather urban, not-so-natural-feeling, smallish backyard. First, let me set your mind at ease: Don’t … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Christmas Comes to the Dollhouse


This weekend Immy discovered that Christmas had come to the dollhouse! Simple to put together, it invites hours of imaginative play. The garland is made from scrapbooking paper and embroidery thread. The flashing lights are a light-up Christmas necklace that I found at the $2 … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: A Christmas Sleigh Ride

christmas sleigh play

A peek inside a reader's play space... "Go Dasher, Go Dancer!" A Santa sack and hat, hobby horses as reindeer and ribbons as reins transform Cam's bed into a magical Christmas sleigh. This simplest imaginative play ideas are so often the best! Read more about Cam's magical sleigh ride … [Read more...]

Creating a Baby Play Space

baby play area ideas

Part of my intention with our recent playroom declutter and re-organise was to create a baby play space for AJ. She is now six months old and has started moving around through a combination of rolling, pushing herself backwards and an awkward commando crawl forwards. My aim was to create an inviting … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Toadstool Nook

fairy garden toadstool mushroom stools

A peek inside a reader's play space... We enjoy having morning and afternoon tea in our toadstool nook, or otherwise just sitting and enjoying our garden. Thank you to Kelly for sharing this sweet, outdoor space with us. You can see more of the Happy Whimsical Heart toadstool nook … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Playhood


A peek inside a reader's play space... Parenthood has been the most amazing and rewarding experience for my husband and I. We have been thrilled to see our little boy’s beautiful playful spirit and we know that it is through play that children’s imagination, curiosity, and creativity develops. … [Read more...]