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The ABC of Child Care: O is for…

O is for OrientationIn choosing a child care centre it is good to discuss with staff their suggested strategies for best orientating your child into the new environment. Some children come to child care with very few experiences of being cared for by anyone other than a parent and so it is only … [Read more...]

The ABC of Child Care: N is for …

N is for...Nappy changing, toilet training and a little bit of hygiene! Universal hygiene precautions are used primarily in medical and health-related professions but are also relevant to children’s services. They assist care professionals in minimising the risk of cross infection and providing a … [Read more...]

The ABC of Child Care: M is for Mealtime Interactions

M is for Mealtime InteractionsI wrote about food in child care previously but see mealtime interactions as a separate and equally important issue. Mealtimes in a quality child care centre provide for a relaxed, social environment and the promotion of good nutrition and healthy eating habits, … [Read more...]

The ABC of Child Care: L is for …

L is for LiteracyLiteracy is an often used phrase and is traditionally associated with the formal arts of reading and writing. However ‘literacy’ also encompasses how people create and use all forms of language (speaking, listening, reading and writing) in their everyday lives, in their home, in … [Read more...]

The ABC of Child Care: K is for

K is for Kindy Transition Beginning school is a major milestone in young children’s lives, and research confirms that a happy transition to school is vital in setting foundations for future academic and social success. Child care centres provide a perfect platform for educators and families to … [Read more...]

ABC of Child Care: J is for…

J is for JOURNALMany quality centres maintain a learning journal or portfolio for each child as a record of their individual development, learning, interests and skills, and participation in the learning program. Journals are valuable records of a child’s early learning and development as they; … [Read more...]

The ABC of Child Care: I is for Illness

I is for IllnessNo child enjoys perfect health all of the time. Generally, children attending child care centres have a higher rate of infectious diseases, than children cared for at home. Most of these illnesses have no long term effect on the health of the child but in the short term cause … [Read more...]

The ABC of Child Care: H is for …

H is for ...Holidays, More Food & Everyday Things: Reflecting Human Diversity It is important that child care centres value the human diversity that exists within the families and community it operates within. The centre should be a place where all children and families are valued and … [Read more...]