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Our School Morning Routine

school morning routine

When Immy started kindy this year I felt it was important to develop a school morning routine that allows us to start our day with a minimum of fuss and a sense of calm. I feel this is important for both a smooth transition from home to school, and for my own sanity - having to nag your way through … [Read more...]

Lunch Box Ideas for Kids Who Don’t Like Sandwiches


I am not a big sandwich eater and as a result Immy and I tend to eat other lunch food choices at home. Starting kindy this year has put sandwiches back on the lunch menu (at least for Immy) but some days she asks for an alternative. Often the alternative is cold meat and salad but given that we have … [Read more...]

And I Cried.


We did it and survived. Immy started kindy. I cried. She was just fine. Despite my self doubt (if only we could lose the mummy guilt!) and a few moments when I wondered if she would actually go through with it - in the lead up to the big day most of her issues seemed to revolve around the … [Read more...]

Starting School: Books to Help Ease the Transition

books about starting school

The thought of starting school is very exciting for both child and family but for many children there is a fine line between excited and over-excited or anxious. I find using stories can be a positive, low stress way of introducing information about school to children. Some of the books we … [Read more...]

Back to School: Organising Kids Spaces

organising kids rooms

Part of our getting organised for starting school strategy has involved re-organising Immy's closet. I have written before about my preference for comfortable, practical play clothes for young children so until now most of Immy's clothes (tops, shorts, leggings, skirts, jumpers, even many of her … [Read more...]

Clown Shoes and Tight Chests – A Mum’s First Year at School

school walking

Today I would like to welcome Sarah Wayland of That Space In Between to Childhood 101 with a guest post sharing her perspective as a Mum reflecting upon her feelings as a mother when her daughter headed off to Big School last year... This time last year we had purchased the most gigantic shoes … [Read more...]

20 Lunch Box Snack Ideas + Free Printable! Fridge List

20 lunch box snack suggestions

As a new school Mum about to embark on her first foray into preparing school lunches, I thought it would be useful to compile a list of quick and easy snack suggestions for recess (or 'little' lunch) to hang inside my pantry door.  Of course, because I am a sharing kind of gal, I have included a … [Read more...]

Back to School With Litter-Less Lunches + a Giveaway

back to school lunch box ideas

Be sure to read to the end of the post for the chance to win with 4MyEarth. The past few weeks Immy has been having a bit of fun with practice ‘lunchbox lunches’ in preparation for kindy. This exercise can be really useful for ; Teaching children which foods are for recess or ‘little … [Read more...]