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Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Super fun summer activities for kids

Yikes it's hot right now on the sunny side of the world! Today we welcome Lauren of Teacher Types to the Childhood 101 team with a fabulous collection of summer play ideas. Ice blocks, sprinklers, sand and swimming – do these words make you think of summer time with little tikes? Yes! I’m here … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: A Waldorf Play Kitchen

Our Play Space: Waldorf Play Kitchen

My small girl loves playing in our pretend play kitchen area but I must admit it's become a bit cluttered of late. A peek inside this gorgeous kitchen play space has inspired me to move getting it sorted to the top of my to-do list! Where is this playful space? Australia Tell us a little … [Read more...]

9 Back to School Essentials That Probably Aren’t On Your Booklist

9 Back to school essentials that arent on your booklist

This post is sponsored by BIG W. Read on to enter to win 1 of 4 $100 gift cards. Getting kids ready to head back to school can be a real strain on the family budget. Not only are there uniforms to buy and booklists to fill but I also find there are a whole heap of other essentials that need … [Read more...]

15 Awesome Building & Constructing Toy Sets for Kids

15 awesome building and construction toys for kids

When a reader recently asked the Childhood 101 Facebook community for building and construction set suggestions for a child transitioning away from nap time, the responses were too fabulous not to share. So I have combined my top building and construction toy set suggestions with those popular with … [Read more...]

Games for Kids: How to Play Red Light, Green Light

Games for Kids: How to Play Red Light, Green Light

Red Light, Green Light is a great game for getting kids moving, encouraging children to listen and respond and requiring them to stay alert and be controlled in their movements. While many children think that the fastest child is sure to win, it is those who are sure and steady on their feet that … [Read more...]

10 Picture Books About 100

10 Books Exploring Concepts Relating to Counting to 100. Great for 100 day of school celebrations

Picture books provide a fabulous platform for engaging children with mathematical concepts. By capturing a child's imagination, picture book stories make the process of learning about quite abstract math concepts and symbolism, of thinking and reasoning mathematically, more interesting, relevant and … [Read more...]

Create a Family Bucket List ~ Printable

Create a Family Bucket List with the fun prompts on this handy printable

I love it when I see seasonal or holiday bucket lists floating around Pinterest and the interwebs and I often think, "I should print a copy of that for us," but then I notice that there are items on the list that just don't apply to our family or where we live so then I think I should make one that … [Read more...]

Painting Rainbows: Bubble Blower Painting

Bubble Blower Painting: Painting Ideas for Kids

POP! There is something just so magical about bubbles and my girls LOVE anything bubbles so when Immy came home from school recently declaring the bubble blower painting that they'd enjoyed that day was the most awesome activity ever, we just had to give it a go! It really is so simple, we … [Read more...]