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How to Boost Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

How To Boost Your Child's Emotional Intelligence: Managing Big Emotions

Living with young children, we all know how BIG their emotions can be.

 As adults we get it but as parents we don't always like it. 
Thinking back to the first year at school for one of my own, when talking to her classroom teacher we could have been describing two different children such were the … [Read more...]

Connecting with Kids: Crafting Together, Inspired By Books

Connecting with Kids: Crafting Together, Inspired By Books

I walked into the playroom, and instead of my usual welcome, my twins objected, “Mommy, you’re messing up our game!” Apparently, they had a whole world set up in there, and I wasn’t meant to be a part of it. I’m usually happy when they’re entertaining themselves. Yet, sometimes, just … [Read more...]

Connecting with Your Kids in Nature

9 Ways to Connect with Kids in Nature

The skies are depressingly grey, it’s freezing and, to top it off, it’s starting to drizzle. All you want to do is crawl back under the bed covers, turn on a movie and wait for summer. That’s understandable. Unless you’re in an area with consistent snowfall, winter doesn’t always inspire outdoor … [Read more...]

Don’t Wait Until They Leave Home: Staying Connected with Your Grown Child Starts Now

Don't Wait Until They Leave Home! Why Staying Connected With Grown Up Kids Starts Now

My son has lived away from home for a number of years as he studied for his degree. Soon, he will further his study in a different country. Our life as a family is changing, maturing.  Much as our relationship must change and mature. How have I kept, and how do I keep, connected with this … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Connecting With Kids Through Art…Without the Overwhelm

5 Tips for Connecting with Kids Through Art..Without the Overwhelm

Raising creative children can seem like one more box to check off on the list of parenting to-dos. It's tucked somewhere in between making sure they have decent table manners and know the answer to math questions such as 8+5? As a parent, I know it can feel overwhelming to add one more item to that … [Read more...]

7 Simple Tips for Connecting with Your Kids Even On Your Busiest Days

7 Simple Tips for Connecting with Your Kids Even On Your Busiest Days

Today I am excited to share with you the Heart Matters: Connecting With Kids series that will be running through January here at Childhood 101. Over the course of the month I have invited bloggers from around the globe to share their stories and suggestions for making connection happen. And what … [Read more...]

2017 Calendar Printable

2017 Printable Calendar

The promise of blank calendar pages - is there anything quite like it??! With plenty of space for your daily entries, this 2017 month by month calendar is perfect for work or family life - and it's printable so you can even print one for each! Each of the 12 pages features one month of 2017 … [Read more...]

DIY Wrapping! Simple Fold Gift Boxes from Christmas Greeting Cards

Gift Wrapping Ideas: Simple Fold Gift Boxes from Christmas Cards

If you have gift cards, jewelry or other small items to gift this year, these simple fold gift boxes provide a neat gift wrapping alternative. Created from Christmas cards, they take just minutes to make and can be easily customised to fit your gift. How to Make Simple Fold Gift Boxes from … [Read more...]