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Sensory Play: Edible Glitter Finger Paint

Edible Glitter Finger Paint for preschool sensory play

In this post Kylie of Octavia & Vicky shares a fabulously fun and festive sensory activity for those who don't mind things getting a little messy! It's Edible Glitter Finger Paint! We love a bit of messy play around here, any excuse to get stuck into some squishy, squelchy, ooey, gooey … [Read more...]

Babies & Board Books: Add Playtime Fun to Reading Time!

Babies and Board Books: Integrating Play and Learning with Reading

This is a guest post by Dusty Shell, a homeschooling mum of four who blogs over at To the Moon and Back. I have a slight obsession with books. Okay, slight is a bit of an understatement. I absolutely love reading and when I had my first child, I desperately wanted to be sure that I did my best to … [Read more...]

Zero to Two: A Book of Play

activities for babies and toddlers

Now you would imagine being an early childhood teacher that I have hundreds of fabulous activity ideas floating around in my head just perfect for babies and toddlers. In fact, there are days when I am home with just one little person scratching my head wondering what we should do next, and on … [Read more...]

Sensory Activities: 5 Games to Develop the Sense of Touch

Sensory Play - Touch via Childhood 101

Sensory play is important to brain development, not just for babies and toddlers but also for preschoolers, kindergarteners and children within the early years of school. Playful activities that develop each of the senses - touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste - need not be difficult or involve … [Read more...]

Encouraging Physical Motor Skill Development in Young Children

Fine and gross motor skill development skips | Childhood 101

This post is sponsored by Fisher-Price. Motor skills are physical skills requiring the co-ordination of the muscles of the body to affect movement. This includes large body movements involving the head, torso and limbs, most often known as gross motor skills, and small body movements involving the … [Read more...]

Travel with Kids: Flying With a Baby

Childhood 101 Travel with Kids series | Flying With a Baby

I have travelled by air many times with each of my babies from when they were very young. In fact, by the time she was six months old AJ had travelled alone with me on four interstate work trips. So I have had good cause to learn to pack a lean, mean, on board machine! And by that I mean a carry on … [Read more...]

Baby Play Ideas: Vehicles, Balls & Ramps

Baby Play-Ramps and Rolling Exploration

Today fun mum Danya of Danya Banya shares a fun idea for exploring ramps and rolling with babies and toddlers. Rolling balls, cars, trains, and anything else that has wheels provides endless fun for babies and toddlers. Since my eldest daughter JJ has recently started preschool, I've found … [Read more...]

Play Grow Learn: Big Adventures for Pint-Sized Explorers

Play Grow Learn ezine from Childhood 101

The latest edition of Play Grow Learn is here! And this issue is the BIGGEST and the BEST yet! Filled with ideas for BIG Adventures for Pint-Sized Explorers, this 70 page fully downloadable e-magazine includes activity ideas and resources for parents and educators of children who love to have … [Read more...]