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DIY Wrapping! Simple Fold Gift Boxes from Christmas Greeting Cards

Gift Wrapping Ideas: Simple Fold Gift Boxes from Christmas Cards

If you have gift cards, jewelry or other small items to gift this year, these simple fold gift boxes provide a neat gift wrapping alternative. Created from Christmas cards, they take just minutes to make and can be easily customised to fit your gift. How to Make Simple Fold Gift Boxes from … [Read more...]

Printable Christmas Door Hanger

Printable Christmas Door Hanger, Coloring Page. Fun for Christmas Eve!

This Christmas door hanger makes a perfect addition to your Christmas Eve activity box - keeping the kids occupied while you make dinner or get those last minute Christmas jobs done. Simply print your copy via the link below, add felt tipped markers or colouring pencils and off they go. Cut … [Read more...]

Printable Art Frame Gift Tags

Printable Art Frame Gift Tags for Kids to Decorate

If you are looking for a fun activity to keep the kids happily occupied (and creating) during the pre-Christmas week, then this post is just for you. Print a few sheets of these art frame gift tags and set the kids the task of decorating your gift tags this year! Family and friends will love the … [Read more...]

GIANT Paper Bag Snowflakes

Giant Paper Bag Snowflakes Tutorial. Such a fun Christmas craft!

I admit I am a little obsessed with paper snowflakes! We had so much fun making our very popular Name Snowflakes last Christmas and we also created a huge snowflake table runner (inspired by this post over at Art Bar) for our dining table. This year I had another crazy idea that I wasn't too sure … [Read more...]

Books for Kids (Of All Ages) Who Worry

Books for Kids Who Worry

All kids worry at some time, and some children struggle with anxious feelings on a regular basis. This collection of books features books that teachers and parents can use to open discussion with children about feeling worried, with most also including ideas that children can try to manage anxious … [Read more...]

DIY Mini Christmas Card Journals

DIY Mini Notebooks from Christmas Cards

My girls are obsessed with writing and drawing in cute notebooks and journals and these mini journals made from Christmas cards certainly fit the bill. Which got me thinking - why give just a Christmas card when you can gift a Christmas Card Journal?!! :) These would certainly make a lovely gift for … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Christmas Card

Easy DIY Christmas Card Craft

This has to be the simplest DIY Christmas card idea there is, which is why I love it! Miss eight can easily sit and make a whole collection of these in one sitting, making it an easy Christmas craft for kids too. And it's versatile - you can easily swap out the oversized gemstones for buttons, giant … [Read more...]

Books Celebrating Christmas Around the World

Books Celebrating Christmas Around the World

Add a little diversity to your collection of Christmas books this Christmas with these fabulous titles sharing stories of how people in different countries and cultures all around the world celebrate the holiday. Books Celebrating Christmas Around the World All Around the World: Walk This … [Read more...]