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Children & Technology: Would You Let Your Child Start a Blog?

children and technology

This post is by regular contributor Catherine Oehlman aka Squigglemum. “Mum, can I have my own blog now I’m six?” I stared blankly at my daughter while internally processing my response... “Not yet... maybe when you’re older... hang on yes... yes, of course... no, don’t be ridiculous... NO WAY... … [Read more...]

Kids & Advertising: How to help children process what they see

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This post is by regular contributor Kate Fairlie of Picklebums. Our kids don’t watch much commercial television.  We keep away from it, not because of the programs, but because of the advertising.  While I’ve made peace with how televisions is used in our family, I have not made peace with the … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Use Video As A Literacy Tool

video learning tool

I have no less than 20 two or three minute videos of Immy on my iPhone from this past week. She is fascinated by the idea of performing for the camera and seeing herself played back on the screen. "Did you take the video?" and "Can I see now?" have become common requests. Initially she was all … [Read more...]

Screen Time & Young Hearts: A Look at a Recent Sydney Study


This post is by regular contributor Naomi Cook. We are not ‘T.V people.’ However, my three year old enjoys an educational DVD whilst I make dinner and she also enjoys educational apps on my iPhone. I have seen tremendous learning outcomes from both of these forms of screen time. I frequently find … [Read more...]

Kids & Computers: 7 Year Olds on Facebook? Really?

Facebook and kids

This post is by regular contributor Kate Fairlie of Picklebums. I am generally skeptical about articles like this one from the BBC News website 'Children's Screen Habits Revealed. I find that often the way statistics are quoted is somewhat sensational and alarmist; with journalists picking out … [Read more...]

Why I don’t want to share my lap top (with my children)

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This post is by regular contributor Sarah Bendeich of Oesch and Doots. I don't share my laptop with my (preschool aged) children. Actually that's not quite right. We occasionally use the internet for research if the children want to know more about something. Google Images and Wikipedia are the … [Read more...]

Installing Speed Bumps to Television Viewing


This post is by regular contributor Tricia Hogbin of Little Eco Footprints. I’d love to have a TV-free home. We’ve lived without a television before and I love the calm and creativity that comes with being screen-free. However, it’s one against two in my household, so the TV stays for now. I’ve … [Read more...]

Baby Steps Online

Tots and Technology

This post is by regular contributor Cath Oehlman aka SquiggleMum. There’s no escaping the fact that technology is being introduced to our children earlier and earlier.  My four year old daughter is already using an interactive white board (IWB) in her prep classroom and loves finding animal info … [Read more...]