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15 Picture Books Featuring Inspiring Boy Characters

Picture Books Featuring Inspiring Boy Characters

Recently I shared a post on my Facebook page that featured a list of books with strong female characters. In response to that post, I had a reader comment that there were so many similar lists featuring girls around at the moment, but little for boys. She asked for suggestions for books featuring … [Read more...]

Picture Books About Friendship

Children's Books About Friendship

Childhood friends often become life-long friends.  I still have dinner once a month with girls that I went to school with 25 years ago. But friendships also have their ups and downs so today's booklist highlights books that will help kids learn to navigate the highs and lows of friendships.  Best of … [Read more...]

Managing Big Emotions: Best Resources to Use With Kids

Managing Big Emotions Resources for Parents and Teachers

Managing big emotions is hard, whether you are four or six or forty six! Helping children learn to regulate and manage their emotions is an ongoing process that involves helping them to recognise a range of emotions, learning to express their feelings verbally, learning to calm oneself down in the … [Read more...]

How Much is Too Much? Learning to Let Go and Let Children Take Risks

How much is too much? Learning to let go and let children take risks

"Can I, Mum, can I?" she asks with big, round eyes. Every fibre of my being wants to scream, “No,” or, “But be careful.” The protective instinct is super strong in this mama bear but instead I just nod and say, “Give it a go, if you want to.” It’s natural, of course, our protectiveness. And … [Read more...]

Helping Children Manage Big Emotions: My Emotions Wheel Printable

Helping Children Manage Big Emotions: My Emotions Wheel Printable. Includes 3 versions to use with children of different ages and helpful tips for how to use your completed wheel on an ongoing basis.

Helping children learn to recognise and cope overwhelming emotions is an ongoing process that certainly doesn't stop when they enter primary or elementary school, in fact I would say emotional regulation becomes even more important in the vast social network of school. Teaching children emotional … [Read more...]

Picture Books Celebrating Being Who You Are: Individuality & Diversity

Kids Books That Celebrate Being Who You Are: Recognising Individuality and Difference

I think that teaching children to recognise and celebrate uniqueness and individuality is so important to their social and emotional development, and let's face it - we all feel different from our friends and even family at some stage! This collection of books are all about celebrating being who you … [Read more...]

7 On Sunday: Social Confidence, Praise, Disappointment & More

Great Parenting Tips: Developing Social Confidence, Preschoolers and Praise, Helping Children Deal With Disappointment & More

How was your week? Ours was one of firsts - first swimming carnival, first time on roller skates, first full day of four year old kindy and the first time I have really lost a child! The last one is a story for another day but I can tell you those few minutes of panic will stay with me for a long … [Read more...]

Printable Random Acts of Kindness for Kids Tags

Printable Random Acts of Kindness Cards for families. Perfect for Advent

Last year Sara shared an awesome list of 24 acts of kindness that are simple enough for kids to do with just a little guidance. The great thing about their being 24 is the potential for an act of kindness for each day of advent which really is a lovely lead in to the holiday. This year I decided to … [Read more...]