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8 Dress Up Storage Solutions

8 dress up storage ideas featured at Childhood 101

We recently had a Council-run, large rubbish removal in our area and as people put out their unwanted goods I was scanning the verges for one very particular item - a dresser I could convert into a dress up cupboard. How lucky was I?!! My neighbour across the road was getting rid of the perfect … [Read more...]

Small World Play: Magical Gnome Garden

Small World Imaginative Play: Magical Gnome Garden

Hello, I am Renee from Adventures at Home with Mum. I am passionate about children learning through play, especially outdoor play and imaginative pretend play, and if you are a regular around this corner of the blogosphere you might remember the Outdoor Play Space: Pirate Hide Away that I shared … [Read more...]

18 Small Worlds for Inspiring Imaginative Play

18 Small Worlds for imaginative play

Long time followers of Childhood 101 know that Immy (now six years old) loves imaginative play, and AJ is most definitely following in her footsteps! Creating a small world for imaginative play is so easy to do - just grab your child's favourite figurines (or small vehicles) and then use a variety … [Read more...]

21 Fun & Fabulous Pretend Play Spaces for Kids

21 fabulous pretend play spaces featured at Childhood101

Long time friends of Childhood 101 will know that Immy loves imaginative, pretend play in all forms. With AJ showing many signs of following in her big sister's footsteps I have been thinking about ways to transform the dramatic play corner of our playroom to encourage a range of pretend play … [Read more...]

Disney Frozen DIY Ice Castle

Disney Frozen Ice Castle DIY Craft

Like so many children around the world, Immy is in love with everything FROZEN! I purchased a set of small character figurines a few months ago, and ever since they arrived Immy has asked if I can make an ice castle. It took a little bit of brainstorming and planning but I am excited to share our … [Read more...]

Toy Organisation to Encourage Imaginative Play: The Adventure Play Box


This post is by regular contributor Ali Wright of At Home With Ali. From time to time I re-organise the toys in our household. I put away toys that are no longer played with and I bring out toys that have been out of rotation for a while. I also like to experiment with how I organise, present and … [Read more...]

An Invitation to Play: Creating Sparkling Fairy Worlds

Fairy games | Creating small worlds

For more than two years now Immy has been fairy mad! She has quite the collection of fairy figurines, of the Disney, Papo and Schleich varieties, and I thought it would be fun to set out a sparkly invitation to create a magical water world for the fairies. On our outdoor table I laid down a … [Read more...]

Small World Dinosaur Play

Small world dinosaur play

This post was first published in September, 2011. Immy is currently very interested in dinosaurs so I thought that creating a small world play scene together would provide a fun space for her to re-enact much of the information that she has been gathering through the exploration of her interest. … [Read more...]