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10 Popular Kids {Audio} Books That Were Made Into Movies

10 Great Kids Audio Books That Were Made Into Movies

This is a sponsored post for I have written previously about our love of audiobooks. I truly began to appreciate them when Immy was about 3 ½ years old and transitioning from a daily nap time to quiet time. Since then they have become a feature of regular daily life here - we … [Read more...]

21 Fun Ways to Rev Up Interest In Your Writing Table

21 Fun Ways to Increase Interest in Your Writing Table P

Need to revive flagging interest in your writing table? Wanting to make the most of this precious learning space? Here are 21 simple ways to get young children interested in playful learning about letters and writing (click through each link for more details). 1. Add a collection of Alphabet … [Read more...]

Babies & Board Books: Add Playtime Fun to Reading Time!

Babies and Board Books: Integrating Play and Learning with Reading

This is a guest post by Dusty Shell, a homeschooling mum of four who blogs over at To the Moon and Back. I have a slight obsession with books. Okay, slight is a bit of an understatement. I absolutely love reading and when I had my first child, I desperately wanted to be sure that I did my best to … [Read more...]

Word Games for Kids: WORD HUNT

Word Games: Word Hunt for beginning readers | via Childhood101

I am always looking for easy, playful ways for Immy to revise those high frequency words or 'sight words' that we use so often when reading. This game also works well for revising word families and spelling rules, or really any set of words that a child will benefit from the additional opportunity … [Read more...]

Child Health Specialist Series: About the Work of a Speech-Language Pathologist

Child Health Specialist Interview Series: About the work of a Speech-Language Pathologist

Today's Child Health Specialist interview features the wonderful Katie Yeh - the mum and Speech-Language Pathologist behind the fabulous blog, Playing With Words 365. Please tell us a little about the work of a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) (aka Speech-Language Therapist or … [Read more...]

Disney Frozen DIY Ice Castle

Disney Frozen Ice Castle DIY Craft

Like so many children around the world, Immy is in love with everything FROZEN! I purchased a set of small character figurines a few months ago, and ever since they arrived Immy has asked if I can make an ice castle. It took a little bit of brainstorming and planning but I am excited to share our … [Read more...]

13 Great Books for 0-8 Year Olds from the 2014 CBCA Shortlist

Great books for kids CBCA Awards

This is a guest post by Megan Daley of Children's Books Daily. She is a Teacher Librarian and the former National Vice President of the Children’s Book Council of Australia. Today she has is sharing a little about CBCA awards and some of the very best books for young children from this year's … [Read more...]

Stamp & Spell Literacy Play

Stamp and Spell Literacy Play ft2

This post is by regular contributor Kylie Gardner of Octavia & Vicky. While we were on holiday recently my four year old daughter, Pebble, watched her Great Nana, Nana and cousin play Scrabble. It made me think about the neglected Scrabble box sitting in our cupboard at home and how we could … [Read more...]