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Games for Kids: How to Play Captain’s Orders

Games for Kids: How to Play Captain's Orders

Captain's Orders is a great group game for getting children moving and thinking. The faster the commands are called, the faster (and funnier!) the actions! It can be easily adapted by reducing or increasing the number and complexity of the game's commands, which makes it work well with children of … [Read more...]

Games for Kids: How to Play Duck, Duck, Goose

How to Play Duck, Duck, Goose Games for Kids

I cannot even imagine how many hundreds of times I have played this popular game with groups of young children in school, kindergarten, preschool and even child care. It certainly is an Australian classic! Here's how to play... Duck, Duck, Goose Number of players: 6+ (the more the … [Read more...]

Games for Kids: How to Play Scarecrow Tag

Games for Kids: Scarecrow Tag

This month's game, a version of chasey (or tag), is fabulous fun for classes or groups of children - we call it Scarecrow Tag. Scarecrow Tag Number of players: 6+ (the more the merrier!) Recommended Age: 4+ years Equipment needed: None To play: To begin, make sure that all of the … [Read more...]

Games for Kids: How to Play What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?

Games for Kids: How to Play What's the Time Mr Wolf

Last month's Game for Kids post (How to Play Please Mr Crocodile) was so popular that I thought I would share another common collaborative game that children in Australia enjoy - What's the Time, Mr Wolf? Here's how to play... What's the Time, Mr Wolf? Number of players: 2+ (the more the … [Read more...]

Jump Into Learning: Kinesthetic Learning Activities

Kinaesthetic learning activities

Do you have an active learner? Kinesthetic learning is a learning style in which learning takes place by the student carrying out a physical activity, rather than listening to a lecture or watching a demonstration. People with a preference for kinesthetic learning are also commonly known as … [Read more...]

Fine Motor Fun for Bigger Kids: Ribbon Weaving

Fine motor activities for school aged kids_ Ribbon Weaving

When I asked Immy which project in the latest issue of BIG Kids magazine she was most inspired by, the woven Fibonacci Wheel was a clear favourite, she really wanted to give weaving on a circular loom a go. Over the next few days it was in the back of my mind to find something suitable to use … [Read more...]

Playdough Fun for Toddlers: Making Impressions

Playdough fun for toddlers via Childhood 101

I was watching AJ play with a batch of homemade playdough recently and noticed that she was fascinated with making impressions in the dough with a flat, plastic playdough tool. Over and over again she pressed the tool into dough pancakes, snakes and balls, any piece of playdough she could find. This … [Read more...]

Encouraging Physical Motor Skill Development in Young Children

Fine and gross motor skill development skips | Childhood 101

This post is sponsored by Fisher-Price. Motor skills are physical skills requiring the co-ordination of the muscles of the body to affect movement. This includes large body movements involving the head, torso and limbs, most often known as gross motor skills, and small body movements involving the … [Read more...]