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(Not So Hot) Cocoa Playdough Recipe + 3 Ways to Play

{Not So} Hot Cocoa Playdough Recipe + 3 Ways to Play

I am a big fan of scented playdough and while coffee scented may just be my all time favourite, this {Not So Hot} Cocoa version is all kinds of special. In fact, when we made our latest batch hubby asked me to please remove it from the kitchen bench as it smelt so good! While it does smell rather … [Read more...]

Rose Playdough Recipe

Rose Playdough Recipe. Make your next homemade batch oc playdough extra special with a rose scent.

I used to think that it was easier to buy playdough but in reality those little tubs don’t hold much actual playdough! So I turned to making our own playdough and found it super easy, and so much more cost efficient. And there is nothing quite like a big batch of fresh, warm playdough. Especially … [Read more...]

Chocolate No Cook Playdough Recipe

Chocolate (Uncooked) Playdough Recipe

I think chocolate playdough might be my favourite type of playdough. It smells amazing but it tastes like playdough so the kids won't eat it….. mostly!!! Chocolate Playdough Recipe You will need: 1 and 1/2 cups of plain flour 1/2 cup of cocoa 1/2 cup of salt 2 Tablespoons of cream of … [Read more...]

21 Christmas Themed Playdough Recipes & Play Ideas

21 Christmas Playdough Recipes and Playdough Play Ideas

AJ is loving playdough play right now and a recent fascination with the story of The Gingerbread Man has inspired her to make wonderful collections of gingerbread men with sequins, tiny buttons and googly eyes as features. To extend her interest, I recently went looking for more Christmas inspired … [Read more...]

All Natural Homemade Rosemary & Lemon Scented Playdough

All natural Rosemary & Lemon Scented Playdough

We love making homemade playdough and I will often add elements of texture or scent to a new batch of dough to enhance the sensory input of the play experience - for example, you can check out our textured funfetti playdough here, our herbal tea scented playdough and our delicious mulberry playdough … [Read more...]

Gingerbread Rice Sensory Small World

Gingerbread rice sensory small world

To make our gingerbread rice we simply combined regular, uncooked rice with gingerbread spices. I love uncooked rice for sensory play as it lasts simply ages - for example, we still bring out our rosemary rice that I made over 12 months ago, and  it's easy to clean up with a quick sweep or vacuum. … [Read more...]

A Festive Invitation to Play: Peppermint Christmas Playdough

Christmas peppermint playdough recipe

In this post Ali of At Home With Ali shares a fabulous scented playdough recipe and festive invitation to play. An invitation to play always delights my 4 year old kiddo. She is the one who always says “Muuummmm, I don’t know what to do.” A simple invitation to play always stops her complaints of … [Read more...]

Sensory Play: Edible Glitter Finger Paint

Edible Glitter Finger Paint for preschool sensory play

In this post Kylie of Octavia & Vicky shares a fabulously fun and festive sensory activity for those who don't mind things getting a little messy! It's Edible Glitter Finger Paint! We love a bit of messy play around here, any excuse to get stuck into some squishy, squelchy, ooey, gooey … [Read more...]