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Bubble Science for Kids: What Can You Use to Make Bubbles?

Bubbles Science Experiment for Kids: What Can We Find to Use As A Bubble Blower

This is a story of failure. Not massive, life destroying failure – just mildly disappointing ‘that didn’t turn out’ failure. I regularly write science posts for Childhood101 and (of course) I always test the experiments with my kids before I write about them. Sometimes those experiments don’t work… … [Read more...]

Love Bugs & Rainbow Hearts: 15 Handmade Toys for Kids

Love Bugs & Rainbow Hearts: 15 Heart Inspired Toys for Kids

For unique, handmade toys for kids you really can't go past Etsy. I get lost for hours over there! Today I am sharing some of my favourite playful, heart themed finds that I know you will love. (shown from top left) Wooden Size Sequencing Hearts :: Mama May I Rainbow Colour Sorting Hearts & … [Read more...]

Maths Games For Kids: How to Play Buzz

Maths Games for Kids: How to Play Buzz

This is a fun game to play when you have a few moments to spare as the sense of anticipation builds great excitement. It's great for revising multiplication facts but it can also be played as a simpler counting game with younger children. Maths Games For Kids: How to Play Buzz Number of … [Read more...]

Learning about Colour Mixing with Mix it Up

Toddler art: Learning About Colour Mixing with Mix It Up and Press Here

I recently discovered the brilliance of the book Mix it Up by Herve Tullet when my (almost) 3 year old chose to borrow it from our local library. It is the most engaging and interactive, beautiful and educational book I’ve come across in a long time. Little fingers are invited to tap, press and rub … [Read more...]

Sewing Cards from Recycled Greeting Cards

Kids Sewing Cards from recycled Christmas or birthday cards

STOP! Before you put those Christmas cards into the recycling bin - okay, I admit, it's probably still a few days until you do that, right? - anyway, before you do, I suggest you save your favourites to make a set of simple sewing cards! Great for preschoolers and children in the early school years, … [Read more...]

21 Christmas Themed Playdough Recipes & Play Ideas

21 Christmas Playdough Recipes and Playdough Play Ideas

AJ is loving playdough play right now and a recent fascination with the story of The Gingerbread Man has inspired her to make wonderful collections of gingerbread men with sequins, tiny buttons and googly eyes as features. To extend her interest, I recently went looking for more Christmas inspired … [Read more...]

5 Fun Christmas Busy Bags

5 Fun Christmas Themed Busy Bags for Preschoolers

Christmas is coming around so quickly! In today’s post I'm sharing five Christmas themed busy bag ideas to keep the little ones entertained between now and the big day so you can get stuff done.  Going on a plane trip this holiday season? Got some family dinners at restaurants planned? Or just want … [Read more...]

Star Wars Memory Game

Printable Star Wars Memory Game with 7 ways to play

So who is looking forward to the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens??? As I shared recently, Dad 101 is on a mission to get us all excited! And after creating the fun shadow puppets (you can download a copy here) I had the idea of using the images to also create some memory cards. We … [Read more...]