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5 Construction Challenges for Kids With BIG Ideas

5 Construction and Building Challenges for kids (STEM)

This is a sponsored post. A construction based challenge can be an excellent project for encouraging children to think creatively, to solve problems and to express their own ideas using a range of practical materials. Construction challenges provide a fabulous platform for the development of a … [Read more...]

Maths Games for Kids: Uno Flip

Math games for kids_Uno flip

Immy is currently loving solving addition and subtraction problems - in fact her maths homework is usually the first thing she wants to tackle in her homework book each week! I enjoy looking for new (albeit simple) ways to encourage her interests and to reinforce what she is learning which is how we … [Read more...]

Science Fun for Kids: Fingerprint Forensics

Science for kids_Fingerprint forensics ft

This post is by Ali Wright of At Home With Ali. The science of fingerprints is pretty cool…. each and every fingerprint is unique! No two people share the same fingerprints and even identical twins have different prints. This is why fingerprints are so useful in crime scene identification. The … [Read more...]

Do You Know a Child With BIG Ideas?


This is a sponsored post. Do you know? Given space, opportunity and the right support, kids are fabulous at solving problems and devising fresh, new and innovative ideas. Today I am excited to share news of a fabulous initiative that will see some of Australia’s brightest young thinkers … [Read more...]

Easy Science for Kids: Bouncy Eggs

Science for Kids: Bouncy Eggs Experiment

This post is by regular contributor Ali Wright of At Home With Ali. My kids love a bit of science and experimentation. 'Bouncy eggs' is a fun and easy experiment that we have tried a number of times. This experiment takes one week – over that time you discover what happens when you leave one egg … [Read more...]

More Than Building: 10 Fabulous Duplo Block Activity Ideas

Duplo block activity ideas

A reader recently asked over on the Childhood 101 Facebook page for activity suggestions for using Duplo blocks now that her children had moved on to using smaller Lego blocks for building. I was so impressed with the collection of Duplo based play and learning ideas shared that I have put them all … [Read more...]

Holiday, Vacation or Celebration Countdown Calendar!

DIY holiday countdown calendar

There is nothing quite like the anticipation of a child waiting for a holiday to begin or a significant celebration date (who am I kidding, it can be pretty exciting for adults too - especially the vacation option!) In our house such anticipation manifests itself as lots of discussion and … [Read more...]

5 Games for Speaking, Listening & Thinking

Childhood 101 | Speaking Listening Thinking Learning Games for Kids

Immy and I play a lot of verbal games, especially in the car or while waiting for things to happen. These games are great for developing speaking and listening skills, and thinking and reasoning abilities. As I have indicated below, you will find that some of them are suitable to play with verbal … [Read more...]