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5 Essential Ingredients to Sticky Learning

How Children Learn: 5 Essential Ingredients to Sticky Learning. Make learning stick!

This post is sponsored by Finlee & Me. Imagine your boss enrols you in a work related training course that you have absolutely no interest in. You find the course content dry and boring, and you come away with little in the way of new knowledge or skills. In your opinion, the whole session … [Read more...]

Finding Dory Inspired Lego Mosaics

Finding Dory Lego Mosaic Free Printables

Finding Dory is here! We are so excited! Have you seen it yet? I thought we could celebrate its release together with a new set of Lego mosaic patterns. There are three fun and fabulous sea creatures from the movie - Dory (of course!), Nemo (because...Nemo!) and Hank the septopus! The … [Read more...]

40 + Brilliant Backyard Science Experiments

40 + Brilliant Backyard Science Experiments - A fabulous collection of simple science ideas for kids, divided into experiments exploring biological science, chemical science, earth and space science and physical science.

Science experiments open up the world with that sense of wonder and awe that comes naturally to children and this HUGE list of backyard science experiments provides for hours of experimentation and exploration, perfect for home, school, preschool or your community group. Arranged into the learning … [Read more...]

Printable Star Wars Lego Mosaic Patterns

Star Wars Lego Mosaics Free Printable Patterns

So we are two thirds of the way through sharing the original Star Wars trilogy with our girls and Immy is loving it. While she is fascinated by the idea of a good stormtrooper, it will be a while before we let her see the latest movie release, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but in the meantime we are … [Read more...]

Lego Mosaics for Kids: 3 Printable Christmas Building Challenges

3 Printable Lego Mosaic Patterns

I have been thinking that a new Lego mosaic building challenge is well overdue, and given the rapidly approaching holiday Christmas just had to be the theme for this latest round of printable mosaic designs. Just like the previous Lego mosaic challenges - the circus themed and animal themed … [Read more...]

Around the World in 40 Books

40 picture books to teach children about the world

I love the theme of this year's Book Week in Australia - books light up our world! Books really do introduce children to so many new concepts, ideas and adventures and today I am excited to be sharing a collection of 40 different picture books representing stories from all around the … [Read more...]

2D Lego Mosaics: 3 Printable Circus Designs

Circus Themed Lego Mosaic Printables by Childhood 101

Following the popularity of our printable animal themed Lego mosaics, I started working on a second set - this time CIRCUS themed! These mosaics are fun for primary/elementary school aged children, as they really are more challenging then you might think. There is lot's of sorting, matching, … [Read more...]

7 Fun Geography Resources for Teaching Children About the World

7 Fun Resources for Teaching Children About the World

Immy has been learning about the seven continents of the world at school recently and as a topic it has really captured her imagination. And even very young children will often show interest in looking at maps and learning about the world - in fact, my just-turned-three year old loves our children's … [Read more...]