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Creating a Mud Garden

Creating a mud play garden area for kids

This post is by regular contributor Ali Wright of At Home With Ali. Sticky, gooey mud – it's a fabulous thing for kids to play with and get messy. But what if you don't have a lot of garden space or you are concerned about what is in your soil? We faced these problems. Our small city garden is … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Nature Inspired Playful Learning

5 steps to nature inspired learning

This post is by regular contributor Tricia Hogbin of Little Eco Footprints. My favourite kind of play is nature inspired. Backyard time, a walk around the block or a bushwalk provide the perfect starting point for days of playful learning. Almost daily my daughter and I go for a walk and look … [Read more...]

{Play & Learn} Active Games for Kids

Play Ideas for Active Kids

While friends overseas are thankful for the arrival of Spring and the warmer weather it brings, we are enjoying a cooler change to Autumn in Australia which means we are enjoying a lot more of our active time outdoors after a long, hot Summer. Luckily, wherever you are and whatever your weather … [Read more...]

Learning About Weather in Your Own Backyard

Children and nature - learning about weather - outdoor science activities

This post is by regular contributor Debi Huang of Go Explore Nature. My 8 year old received a weather station this past Christmas and promptly began begging us to set it up. It took us awhile, but we finally did it – just in time to be able to put the rain gauge it came with to good … [Read more...]

Nurturing Curiosity

Nurturing Curiosity - An Everyday Story for Childhood 101

This post is by regular contributor Kate Gribble of An Everyday Story. There is something about preschoolers, isn't there? The questions fly thick and fast, sometimes too fast for a bewildered mama to keep up. 'What's that flashing light for Mummy?' 'How did that building get so tall Mummy?' … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Making Outdoor Time a Habit

making outdoor time a habit

This post is by regular contributor Debi Huang of Go Explore Nature. Let’s face it: It’s not always easy finding time to get outside with your little ones. That goal becomes especially challenging when kids or parents are sick, the weather isn’t cooperating or other life demands get in the … [Read more...]

Popular Posts 2012: Playtime!

best of childhood 101 2012 playtime

I cannot believe 2012 has flown by so fast and here we are again - time for my end of year round up posts! Over the next few days I will be sharing some of the most popular posts from Childhood 101 this year, starting today with some playful inspiration perfect for the holidays. 9 Ways to Encourage … [Read more...]

Cubby House Lovin’: Keeping Your Cubby House Well Maintained

playhouse cubby house maintenance

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. Immy received her cubby house as a group gift from family almost two years ago. I have fond childhood memories of my cousin's cubby house and was pretty sure that my imaginative child would love it. Which she most certainly does  It regularly features as a … [Read more...]