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Games for Kids: How to Play Duck, Duck, Goose

How to Play Duck, Duck, Goose Games for Kids

I cannot even imagine how many hundreds of times I have played this popular game with groups of young children in school, kindergarten, preschool and even child care. It certainly is an Australian classic! Here's how to play... Duck, Duck, Goose Number of players: 6+ (the more the … [Read more...]

Math Games: Number Learning in Nature

Math Games - Number learning in nature - Counting

This post is by regular contributor Debi Huang of Go Explore Nature. My youngest son is in kindergarten, which means we spend a lot of time working with our ABCs and 123s. In addition to taking our reading and writing activities outdoors, I’m often looking for ways to combine math games with … [Read more...]

Sensory Play: Sand Box Diamond Mine

Diamond Mine pin long

Today I am excited to feature a guest post from fellow play blogger, Kate of The Craft Train. Kate is a Mum of two, graphic designer and craft guru, and her blog is packed with arty and crafty goodness so be sure to pop over and check it out after you have had a peek at this fabulous sensory … [Read more...]

101 Ways to Play Outdoors Printable Poster

101 Ways to Have Fun Outdoors blog size

The weather is glorious here in Western Australia at the moment and my girl's are spending most of their free time outdoors. To celebrate the simple joy of outdoor play I decided to collate 101 fabulous outdoor activities into this printable poster that you are welcome to print and display in your … [Read more...]

Games for Kids: How to Play Scarecrow Tag

Games for Kids: Scarecrow Tag

This month's game, a version of chasey (or tag), is fabulous fun for classes or groups of children - we call it Scarecrow Tag. Scarecrow Tag Number of players: 6+ (the more the merrier!) Recommended Age: 4+ years Equipment needed: None To play: To begin, make sure that all of the … [Read more...]

25 Fun Things to Do at the Beach

Fun things to Do at the Beach | Drip castle

This post is by regular contributor Debi Huang of Go Explore Nature. My family and I love spending time at the beach. It’s one giant playground with all kinds of fun and easy ways to discover nature right at your fingertips. Plus, whether you’re checking out a new-to-you spot or revisiting an old … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Outdoor Play Mud Kitchen 

our play space mud kitchen featured at Childhood 101

This week I am excited to re-introduce the Our Play Space series. Each fortnight you will find an exciting playful space from around the interwebs featured here at Childhood 101 and today we are kicking off with a fabulous outdoor play mud kitchen - just check out the inviting bridge, the fantastic … [Read more...]

Games for Kids: How to Play What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?

Games for Kids: How to Play What's the Time Mr Wolf

Last month's Game for Kids post (How to Play Please Mr Crocodile) was so popular that I thought I would share another common collaborative game that children in Australia enjoy - What's the Time, Mr Wolf? Here's how to play... What's the Time, Mr Wolf? Number of players: 2+ (the more the … [Read more...]