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We Play: Join Our Playful Party

The Get Outdoors challenge has been good for us and I thought today I would share a few images from our outdoor adventures. A big thank you to a dear friend Meek, the two photos above bottom right are from a lovely outdoor play date we enjoyed last week. I am a big believer in taking the indoors out … [Read more...]

We Play: Play Makes the World Go Round

Being 2720 kilometres from home for a few days equates to making do without your usual toys, books and spaces to play throughout the day. It means picking carefully and packing light and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the eight small sticks of coloured plasticine which I packed in our 'To … [Read more...]

We Play: Come Play Along!

In response to the Get Outdoors challenge, a number of readers have asked me for suggestions for engaging their child in outdoor play. One of the simplest ways to begin is to take what they love playing with inside, outside :)  Yesterday we took some playdough and figurines outdoors and before long … [Read more...]

We Play: The Home of Worldwide Playologists

Immy received a child friendly camera for Christmas and in three months has taken hundreds and hundreds of photos. Many of the photos are blurred which makes me smile as a reflection of her whirlwind approach to life. We are trying to remind her to stay still as the photo is taken but it is a lesson … [Read more...]

We Play: Play. Live. Learn

When I saw these little shaped popstick people at a local art and craft store I knew that Immy would love them. And she does! Immy painted their clothes with watercolours and helped me to add the hair and facial features. And then our new 'friends' were off to dance classes. Followed … [Read more...]

We Play: Come Over and Play With Us!

A quick one from me this week as I am in the throes of e-book creation as Art Not Craft ~ The Process of Learning Creatively comes to life. Fortunately the sunshine continues to shine in our little corner of the world and for the past week it has been thankfully shining with a little less intensity. … [Read more...]

We Play: The Place to Share Your Play Ideas

We are fortunate to have a wonderful babysitter who loves to play and create with Immy. Recently I came home to discover that they had created a family of wooden peg people, dressing them in costumes made from coloured electrical tape, 'fabric' made from paper towel on which they had drawn patterns … [Read more...]

We Play: It’s Bursting with Playful Ideas

It is still (very!) hot here so water play continues to make an almost daily appearance. This week what was previously a water wonderland for sea creatures became an island getaway for the inhabitants of a rather large cruise ship - otherwise known as a juice bottle with paper sail - all within the … [Read more...]