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We Play: Playful Ideas From Around the Web

A common theme in our play for weeks now has been caring for an assortment of 'babies'.  There has been lots of interest in... As well as bathing babies, taking them on excursions to the library and to swimming lessons, taking them on holidays, visits to the movies...the play scenarios … [Read more...]

We Play: Link Up and Play With Us

Our collection of shells has come back into vogue this past week, maybe as it was on the breakfast table and Immy has enjoyed looking at and sorting through the shells as I prepare breakfast. There has been lots of matching, grouping, and talking about shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. We keep … [Read more...]

We Play: Because That’s What Kids (Should) Do

I have written before about how young children often have a strong preference for one type of play.  And Immy definitely loves her imaginative play!  So although this post is about how we have been enjoying our puzzles, I couldn't help sharing how amused I was to see Immy pull out 'Old MacDonald' … [Read more...]

We Play: Let’s Play Together

It has been so hot here lately that our outdoor physical play options have been more than a little limited.  Often during the day we incorporate physical play into our indoor play with lots of dancing, yoga moves and even bike riding around the house (!) - mind you Immy is only just learning to … [Read more...]

We Play: It’s Learning Wrapped Up As Fun

With Dad 101 on holidays for the past two weeks, we decided to have a major clean up/sort through/throw out around our home.  Immy has spent the time when we are busy either helping out or playing close by.  In the course of my sorting and culling, I came across some sheets of stickers from my … [Read more...]

We Play: The Home of Great Play Ideas

Immy received her first ever boardgame for Christmas.  It is called Chutes and Ladders and is obviously based on the age old classic, Snakes and Ladders.  We are having lots of fun introducing her to the joy of boardgames and she is doing well with taking turns and counting her moves, we are just … [Read more...]

We Play: It’s Really Easy!

With the warmer weather here in Perth, I am always looking for fun ways to incorporate water play in our day.  I find that water is so soothing to young children, helping to slow them down and centre them, and that even toddlers will spend extended periods of time playing with water.  Combining this … [Read more...]

We Play: Every Day of the Year

Happy New Year to all of my We Play friends.  I hope you enjoyed a safe and happy Christmas and New Year surrounded by family and friends. My We Play story for today was inspired by of all things, our Christmas crackers!  For some reason, our crackers contained cheap plastic bugs as part of their … [Read more...]