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Creating Family Connections: Our Family Appreciation Plate

Connecting with kids: A Family Appreciation Plate for Celebrating Family

Our home is always noisy and slightly chaotic, but we really savour and protect our family dinner times. It is such an important time to come together. While everyone may not always be at their best after a long day, we still gather and because of this alone, it is worth it. I am always on the look … [Read more...]

Simple Sew Feelings Softie: Exploring Big Emotions with Kids

Helping Children Manage Big Emotions Resources: Simple Sew Feelings Softie

Children can find talking about emotions difficult, even when supported. They might feel embarrassed, ashamed or uncomfortable, especially if the emotions in question are considered negative. However talking about and noticing feelings with children is a good habit to establish as talking about … [Read more...]

One Simple Solution To Eliminate Power Struggles in Your Home

One Simple Solution To Eliminate Power Struggles in Your Home

Have you had a power struggle with one of your kids lately? If you asked me that question 5 years back, I’d promptly ask, “You mean how many power struggles have we had in the past hour?” My daughter and I are both stubborn and strong-willed. At one point, that meant nonstop, round-the-clock … [Read more...]

Family Meetings: Make Them Work For Your Family

How to Make Family Meetings Work for Your Family

Sitting at the table on a Sunday evening I watched as my three kids worked out a pretty big squabble they had had earlier that week. They were listening attentively to each other and figuring things out with very little help. If you have more than one kid then you know that siblings don’t always … [Read more...]

How to Boost Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

How To Boost Your Child's Emotional Intelligence: Managing Big Emotions

Living with young children, we all know how BIG their emotions can be.

 As adults we get it but as parents we don't always like it. 
Thinking back to the first year at school for one of my own, when talking to her classroom teacher we could have been describing two different children such were the … [Read more...]

When Work Takes You Away: Connecting From Afar

When Work Takes You Away: Staying Connected With Kids From Afar

When my two-year-old son sleepily said goodbye to his Daddy recently early one morning, I knew what he didn’t: Daddy was going away for a few weeks. Once Oliver realized I knew he’d be sad that Daddy wouldn’t be there to play with, to kiss his head when he bumps it, or put him to bed. Daddy also … [Read more...]

Connecting with Kids: Crafting Together, Inspired By Books

Connecting with Kids: Crafting Together, Inspired By Books

I walked into the playroom, and instead of my usual welcome, my twins objected, “Mommy, you’re messing up our game!” Apparently, they had a whole world set up in there, and I wasn’t meant to be a part of it. I’m usually happy when they’re entertaining themselves. Yet, sometimes, just … [Read more...]

Tiny Moments: 10 Everyday Rituals that Mean a Lot to Kids

Connecting with Kids: 10 Everyday Rituals That Will Mean So Much To Your Kids

I often get caught up in the ‘big moments’ of parenting, putting so much energy into preparing good food, creating exciting adventures, planning holidays and going overboard on parties. These things matter, of course, and I daresay my kids are grateful for them  but what I have learned in my … [Read more...]