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How to Organise, Back Up & Bring Your Digital Family Photos to Life

How to Organise, Back Up and Bring Your Family Photos to Life

This post is part of Microsoft’s #WorkWonders program. I am embarrassed to admit that I have photos stored digitally in literally dozens of different places - on my phone (plus the ones still on my old phone), on my tablet, on SD cards (I don’t like to delete my photos, just in case, so I just buy … [Read more...]

Tantrums Aren’t Just For Two Year Olds

Helping Children Learn to Manage Intense Emotions: Without a Tantrum

We regularly hear about the terrible twos and the troublesome threes but it's not uncommon to hear that even older children have tantrums.  How can this be when the experts tell us these angry outbursts are most typically a result of the frustration of young children as yet unable to verbally … [Read more...]

Why I Am Not Striving To Be A Perfect Parent

Why I Am Not Striving To Be A Perfect Parent But I Will Be A Better One

I want to be more patient with my kids. I need to lose weight. I have to get more organised. As much as this time of year is about good intentions and setting goals for the journey into the new year, it can also feel  just a wee bit discouraging to focus on all of those areas where we feel … [Read more...]

Create a Family Bucket List ~ Printable

Create a Family Bucket List with the fun prompts on this handy printable

I love it when I see seasonal or holiday bucket lists floating around Pinterest and the interwebs and I often think, "I should print a copy of that for us," but then I notice that there are items on the list that just don't apply to our family or where we live so then I think I should make one that … [Read more...]

Best of 2014: Sharing Our Most Popular Parenting Posts

Sharing Our 10 Most Popular Parenting Posts of 2014

This week I am counting down the most popular Childhood 101 posts of 2014! So far we've revisited your favourite family home & organisation ideas and recipes & meal ideas, and today I am sharing the 10 most popular parenting posts of the year. 1. This post in Jo's Easy Green frugal … [Read more...]

The 12 Days of Simple Family Christmas Traditions

12 Days of Family Christmas Traditions

This post is sponsored by BIG W. One of the things I love about Christmas is my children’s sense of wonder and unabashed joy at sharing in all of our little family traditions. From the moment we set up our tree their excitement is palpable - I just want to soak it up and bottle it as I know they … [Read more...]

5 Nature Inspired Christmas Projects

5 Outdoor Nature Inspired Christmas Projects

In this post regular contributor, Debi Huang of Go Explore Nature shares five fabulous nature inspired Christmas projects. If your family is like mine, the holidays are filled with family traditions. Every year, we look forward to baking holiday cookies, watching Christmas movies and going to … [Read more...]

12 Family Made Christmas Wreath Ideas

Homemade Christmas Wreath Ideas_Make a wreath as a family for a fabulous keepsake and tradition

We started the tradition of making a homemade Christmas wreath as a family three Christmases ago now - goodness, time flies! While we're working on this year's front door masterpiece I thought you might like some inspiration for creating your very own Christmas keepsake  and family tradition. 12 … [Read more...]