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Coping When Kids Are Sick: 12 Quiet Activities for Sick Kids

Coping with Sick Kids: 12 Quiet Activities for School Aged Kids Who Are Recovering From Being Sick

This post is sponsored by Healthdirect Australia. “Mummy, my new year’s resolution is not to vomit this year,” my then six year old declared. I wasn’t surprised, given just how sick she’d recently been with gastro. We’d arrived at the emergency department of our local hospital in the early hours … [Read more...]

Exploring Emotions Jenga Game

Exploring Big Emotions Jenga Game

Looking for a fun way to explore big emotions with kids? I think we have just the game for you! This twist make the regular game of Jenga a great tool for talking with children about a whole range of emotions, how they make you feel and triggers for emotions. DIY Exploring Emotions Jenga … [Read more...]

Let Them Go Barefoot and 6 Other “Rules” for Play

Let them go barefoot and 6 more 'rules' for play. Why free play is so important for children and the 7 rules parents need to let them have more of it

This post is sponsored by Omo. Climb a tree. Make mud pies. Build a fort. Invent a game that lasts for days. Play in the rain. Camp out on the trampoline. How many of these do you remember doing as a child? Now look at the list again any tell me, when was the last time your children had a … [Read more...]

A lesson in patience

A lesson in patience

Your big sister slept through the night at 7 weeks old. I remember waking from an exhausted slumber in the early hours of the morning in a complete panic because she hadn’t woken. We were on our first trip away from home and this just added to my anxiety, I was positive something dreadful had … [Read more...]

How Much is Too Much? Learning to Let Go and Let Children Take Risks

How much is too much? Learning to let go and let children take risks

"Can I, Mum, can I?" she asks with big, round eyes. Every fibre of my being wants to scream, “No,” or, “But be careful.” The protective instinct is super strong in this mama bear but instead I just nod and say, “Give it a go, if you want to.” It’s natural, of course, our protectiveness. And … [Read more...]

7 On Sunday: Popular Parenting Picks

7 On Sunday: Popular Parenting Picks

How was your week? It's been nearly four years since I had a decent night's sleep and this week I have been feeling it. Having a child who finds it hard to sleep through the night (despite trying possibly every known sleep inducing technique known to man) is exhausting on so many levels, and some … [Read more...]

7 Easter Games for Your Easter Party or Family Get Together

For some super awesome family fun this Easter, check out our collection of 7 Easter game ideas. You'll be sure to create some special memories with these!

These fun Easter game ideas are sure to create some very special memories with family and friends! Of course, most would also work well with class, youth and other activity groups - wherever you are gathered to enjoy some Easter fun together. 7 Family Easter Games Egg & spoon race: Grab some … [Read more...]

7 On Sunday: Positive Parenting Series

7 On Sunday Positive Parenting Series:

How was your week? I'm trying to finish a big project that's requiring a lot of mental push to get the last bits squared away so I am going to be brief today so that I can get back to it and squeeze in some quality family time as is Sunday after all! I hope this week's parenting reads … [Read more...]