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9 Calm Down Ideas Poster Update

The original 9 Calm Down Ideas poster for managing big emotions has been in circulation for some time now and I have received feedback from a small number of readers to say that they are uncomfortable with one of the original poster suggestions - punch a pillow. I completely understand. Directing a … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits (without using technology!)

There are way too many gimmicks and gadgets these days when it comes to parenting. I’m afraid that even though there may be good intentions, makers of these “solutions” often don’t see the unintended consequences of what they are trying to promote through their product or service. Parents who are … [Read more...]

One Simple Solution To Eliminate Power Struggles in Your Home

Have you had a power struggle with one of your kids lately? If you asked me that question 5 years back, I’d promptly ask, “You mean how many power struggles have we had in the past hour?” My daughter and I are both stubborn and strong-willed. At one point, that meant nonstop, round-the-clock … [Read more...]

Managing Big Emotions: Printable Emotions Cards & Matching Game

There are so many ways that a set of emotions cards can be used with children at home and school. These types of activities are particularly valuable for helping children to learn to recognise and regulate their own big emotions, as well as learning to recognise and empathise with others struggling … [Read more...]

Managing Big Emotions: Best Resources to Use With Kids

Managing big emotions is hard, whether you are four or six or forty six! Helping children learn to regulate and manage their emotions is an ongoing process that involves helping them to recognise a range of emotions, learning to express their feelings verbally, learning to calm oneself down in the … [Read more...]

Helping Children Manage Big Emotions: Our Emotions Card Game Printable

This printable Emotions Card Game is another tool that makes a perfect addition to your big emotions toolkit! (You can see all of our resources for helping children learn to manage big emotions here). The game gets kids identifying and talking about a range of emotions - 40 different emotions in … [Read more...]

Exploring Emotions Jenga Game

Looking for a fun way to explore big emotions with kids? I think we have just the game for you! This twist make the regular game of Jenga a great tool for talking with children about a whole range of emotions, how they make you feel and triggers for emotions. DIY Exploring Emotions Jenga … [Read more...]

How Much is Too Much? Learning to Let Go and Let Children Take Risks

"Can I, Mum, can I?" she asks with big, round eyes. Every fibre of my being wants to scream, “No,” or, “But be careful.” The protective instinct is super strong in this mama bear but instead I just nod and say, “Give it a go, if you want to.” It’s natural, of course, our protectiveness. And … [Read more...]