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Creating Family Connections: Our Family Appreciation Plate

Connecting with kids: A Family Appreciation Plate for Celebrating Family

Our home is always noisy and slightly chaotic, but we really savour and protect our family dinner times. It is such an important time to come together. While everyone may not always be at their best after a long day, we still gather and because of this alone, it is worth it. I am always on the look … [Read more...]

Family Meetings: Make Them Work For Your Family

How to Make Family Meetings Work for Your Family

Sitting at the table on a Sunday evening I watched as my three kids worked out a pretty big squabble they had had earlier that week. They were listening attentively to each other and figuring things out with very little help. If you have more than one kid then you know that siblings don’t always … [Read more...]

Connecting with Your Kids in Nature

9 Ways to Connect with Kids in Nature

The skies are depressingly grey, it’s freezing and, to top it off, it’s starting to drizzle. All you want to do is crawl back under the bed covers, turn on a movie and wait for summer. That’s understandable. Unless you’re in an area with consistent snowfall, winter doesn’t always inspire outdoor … [Read more...]

2017 Calendar Printable

2017 Printable Calendar

The promise of blank calendar pages - is there anything quite like it??! With plenty of space for your daily entries, this 2017 month by month calendar is perfect for work or family life - and it's printable so you can even print one for each! Each of the 12 pages features one month of 2017 … [Read more...]

15 Budget Ideas for Making Memories at Christmas

15 Budget Friendly Ideas for Making Family Memories this Christmas

It's so easy to feel that the money is just flying out of your wallet at this time of year - gifts, food, tree, decorations, school activities, out of school name just a few! In reality though, our children don't want or need a Pinterest perfect Christmas, they want time, our … [Read more...]

15 80’s Movies to Watch With Your Tweens & Teens

15 80's movies to watch with tweens and teens

When my eldest was four she fell in love with the original 70's version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and I was excited - it seemed I had birthed a movie lover to follow in my own movie loving footsteps. She loves musicals - just like me, and comedies - just like me, and a good dose of … [Read more...]

Games for Kids: Fun Colouring Game

Fun Games for Kids: The Colouring Game

This is such a fun colouring game that my girls have literally been playing it non stop for days now. As a bonus - it was invented somewhat by accident! And if your kids prefer drawing to colouring, it's really easy to adapt too. Let me back up a little and tell you the story behind the game. … [Read more...]

Everyday happiness. No big thing.

Finding your tiny moments of happy

“But Mummy doesn’t laugh.” I don't even remember the context of the conversation that my eight year old was having with her Dad when I overheard the words but they stung and they've been replaying themselves over and over in my head in the days since. It's not that I can't see her … [Read more...]