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15 80’s Movies to Watch With Your Tweens & Teens

15 80's movies to watch with tweens and teens

When my eldest was four she fell in love with the original 70's version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and I was excited - it seemed I had birthed a movie lover to follow in my own movie loving footsteps. She loves musicals - just like me, and comedies - just like me, and a good dose of … [Read more...]

Games for Kids: Fun Colouring Game

Fun Games for Kids: The Colouring Game

This is such a fun colouring game that my girls have literally been playing it non stop for days now. As a bonus - it was invented somewhat by accident! And if your kids prefer drawing to colouring, it's really easy to adapt too. Let me back up a little and tell you the story behind the game. … [Read more...]

Everyday happiness. No big thing.

Finding your tiny moments of happy

“But Mummy doesn’t laugh.” I don't even remember the context of the conversation that my eight year old was having with her Dad when I overheard the words but they stung and they've been replaying themselves over and over in my head in the days since. It's not that I can't see her … [Read more...]

Tell a Story Family Mealtime Conversation Starters

Tell a Story Conversation Starters/Storytelling Prompts for Families

It's been a crazy, busy day but now, with a hot meal on the table and the family gathered round, it is the perfect time to have enjoy a little silly fun together -  that will also build language skills! Today we are sharing seven storytelling prompts to use at the dinner table. Each of the … [Read more...]

7 Easter Games for Your Easter Party or Family Get Together

For some super awesome family fun this Easter, check out our collection of 7 Easter game ideas. You'll be sure to create some special memories with these!

These fun Easter game ideas are sure to create some very special memories with family and friends! Of course, most would also work well with class, youth and other activity groups - wherever you are gathered to enjoy some Easter fun together. 7 Family Easter Games Egg & spoon race: Grab some … [Read more...]

Our Happy Family Project: #1 Traditions & Rituals

Our Happy Family Project: A Year of Happiness - Traditions & Rituals. With free Home Is People quote printable.

2015 threw a lot at us including financial stress, unemployment, health scares and ongoing sleep deprivation. And when I think back on last year I honestly feel kind of sad. Sad for far too many days of fatigue and stress. Sad for too many days of distracted and disconnected. Sad for days of lost … [Read more...]

Create a Family Bucket List ~ Printable

Create a 2016 Family Bucket List with the fun one word prompts on this handy printable

A new year has to mean a new family bucket list! And this year I've given our Family Bucket List printable a makeover, mixing up some of the one word prompts from last year whilst also leaving spaces for you to add items just right for your family. It's great as a guide for making plans for what … [Read more...]

Love Life Printable Calendar Stickers

Love Life Printable Calendar Stickers: Perfect for dressing up your diary or calendar

These colourful stickers are a fun tool for customising your calendar or diary! Created to fit perfectly with our 2016 Printable Calendar pages, there are stickers for your next appointment, to-do, celebration and (most importantly!) holiday. You can use the free printable to print your … [Read more...]