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If Childhood Today Is Over Too Soon, What Can We Do About It?

Children Don't Have to Grow Up Too Soon. 8 suggestions for making the most of childhood.

This is a sponsored post. As I watch Immy dance around the dining room with the unabashed abandon of childhood I want to bottle this moment and hold it tight as I know this time in our lives called ‘childhood’ will be over all too soon. I just know that one day I will look back with longing for the … [Read more...]

Overcoming The Overwhelm

Tackling the overwhelm: When it all gets too much

The breakfast dishes are still strewn across the table. There are four loads of washing waiting to be folded, and a load in the machine that has been washed, then re-rinsed and spun three times already...over the course of the last two days. The chaos in the playroom is too much to bear. The living … [Read more...]

8 Reasons to Listen to Your Child

Reasons to Listen to Your Child ft

I admit that I am a pretty bad ordinary listener. You see by nature I am a talker and a fixer. Tell me a problem and I want to talk it through and find the best answer for with you. It's just how I am. Lately however I have had to work on stifling my first reaction - to talk and solve - and learn … [Read more...]

Parent Smarter, Not Harder: Encouraging Kids to Use Their Words

Use Your Words

We have a couple of routinely heard phrases in our house that on the surface might seem just too simple to actually work but I love it when parenting is simple and with time, support, love and consistency, simple things can work well with kids. What are these phrases you might ask? Well, they are … [Read more...]

Parent Smarter, Not Harder: Be Prepared

Parent Smarter, Not Harder: Being prepared

Whether it's vacation time, the daily witching hour or just anytime that you are feeling frustrated with cranky, whingy or bored kids, having a few tried and tested play ideas up your sleeve can work really well to help break the tension - redirecting your children with some purposeful play and … [Read more...]

5 Ways Mums With Young Kids Can Volunteer

Volunteer Week

This is a sponsored post. I was excited to receive a notice home from Immy’s school recently asking for assistance preparing costumes for this year’s performing arts production. As a year one student Immy is too young to be involved with the production but it was nice that the invitation to … [Read more...]

Celebrating Motherhood

Motherhood ft

This post is sponsored by BIG W. Motherhood. Isn’t it funny how one word can mean so many different things to different people, with our own personal definition shaped by our own experiences – of being mothered and, for many, of being a mother. I recently asked some of my fabulous blogging mum … [Read more...]

Parent Smarter, Not Harder: The Cause to Pause

Parent Smarter, Not Harder: The Cause to Pause

"But I haven't finished talking!" "You never listen to what I am saying!" A few months ago I was hearing these two phrases (and others like) it much too regularly from Immy (who has just turned six). It would often be in response to my request for her to do something, with her trying to enter … [Read more...]