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9 Calm Down Ideas Poster Update

Managing Big Emotions: 9 Calm Down Ideas for Kids

The original 9 Calm Down Ideas poster for managing big emotions has been in circulation for some time now and I have received feedback from a small number of readers to say that they are uncomfortable with one of the original poster suggestions - punch a pillow. I completely understand. Directing a … [Read more...]

5 Simple Ideas for Connecting with Your Kids

5 Simple Ideas for Connecting with Kids | Parenting

I don’t know about you, but this parenting gig is hard work. As a parent, to 2 small kids I feel that I am constantly being stretched between my work commitments, running my Finlee and Me business and blog and the needs of my family. Many of us also have additional tasks that need to be done like … [Read more...]

When Work Takes You Away: Connecting From Afar

When Work Takes You Away: Staying Connected With Kids From Afar

When my two-year-old son sleepily said goodbye to his Daddy recently early one morning, I knew what he didn’t: Daddy was going away for a few weeks. Once Oliver realized I knew he’d be sad that Daddy wouldn’t be there to play with, to kiss his head when he bumps it, or put him to bed. Daddy also … [Read more...]

Tiny Moments: 10 Everyday Rituals that Mean a Lot to Kids

Connecting with Kids: 10 Everyday Rituals That Will Mean So Much To Your Kids

I often get caught up in the ‘big moments’ of parenting, putting so much energy into preparing good food, creating exciting adventures, planning holidays and going overboard on parties. These things matter, of course, and I daresay my kids are grateful for them  but what I have learned in my … [Read more...]

Don’t Wait Until They Leave Home: Staying Connected with Your Grown Child Starts Now

Don't Wait Until They Leave Home! Why Staying Connected With Grown Up Kids Starts Now

My son has lived away from home for a number of years as he studied for his degree. Soon, he will further his study in a different country. Our life as a family is changing, maturing.  Much as our relationship must change and mature. How have I kept, and how do I keep, connected with this … [Read more...]

7 Simple Tips for Connecting with Your Kids Even On Your Busiest Days

7 Simple Tips for Connecting with Your Kids Even On Your Busiest Days

Today I am excited to share with you the Heart Matters: Connecting With Kids series that will be running through January here at Childhood 101. Over the course of the month I have invited bloggers from around the globe to share their stories and suggestions for making connection happen. And what … [Read more...]

Parenting is Just Plain Messy

Family Life is Just Plain Messy!

This post is sponsored by Sard Wonder. I was unexpectedly admitted to hospital recently, requiring an ambulance ride, two operations in the space of three days and seven days away from our family. And while being in the hospital was far from fun and games, there was one day between my two … [Read more...]

5 Ways You’re Unnecessarily Adding Stress to School Day Mornings

5 Ways You're Possible Adding Unnecessary Stress to School Day Mornings - avoid school day stress by avoiding these 5 stressors!

This post is sponsored by ANZ School Ready. It’s been almost three years since I made a personal vow to take the stress out of our school morning routine and banned myself from saying (or more often, growling) the words, “Hurry up!” I cannot tell you what a difference it has made to our … [Read more...]