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7 on Sunday: Great Parenting Reads

7 on Sunday: Great Parenting Reads

How has your week been? It's been a big one here - heading back to school after a nearly two month long Summer break (hello, morning routine!), our littlest munchkin heading off to 4 year old kindergarten (cue mama's heart breaking), my work computer deciding it was time to have a little tantie and … [Read more...]

What Your Child Needs Most When They’re Angry

What your child needs most when they're angry

Her voice is shrill and loud. Her hands clenched. She repeats the words over and over, each time more vehemently. It is not me or my actions that have triggered her anger and frustration but I am the target of the feelings that overwhelm her. I feel my own frustration levels rise as once again I am … [Read more...]

Our Happy Family Project: #1 Traditions & Rituals

Our Happy Family Project: A Year of Happiness - Traditions & Rituals. With free Home Is People quote printable.

2015 threw a lot at us including financial stress, unemployment, health scares and ongoing sleep deprivation. And when I think back on last year I honestly feel kind of sad. Sad for far too many days of fatigue and stress. Sad for too many days of distracted and disconnected. Sad for days of lost … [Read more...]

2016 Blank Calendar Printable

2016 free printable calendar

I love that feeling of fresh beginning that each new year offers. And I also love the fresh clean pages of a new calendar and new notebook to help me get my life somewhat more least in theory! As I shared last year, I prefer a clean, simple calendar and use one copy to plan my work … [Read more...]

11 Gentle Ways to Deal With Bedtime Fears & Anxiety

11 Gentle Ways to Deal with Bedtime Fears and Anxiety

This post is sponsored by Moose Toys. Nighttime fears and difficulties going to or staying asleep are a normal occurrence for children of all ages. Anxiety, heightened emotions, their developing imagination and even over-tiredness can all contribute to children’s sleeping difficulties. As the … [Read more...]

9 Ways To Prepare Your Child for Starting Child Care, Preschool or Kindy

9 tips to help your child settle into childcare or preschool

This post is sponsored by Starting Blocks. The first time your little one leaves you to spend time being cared for by someone else is a big day for everyone. And the when, how and why will be different for each of us. However, whatever age or stage your child is in, preparing for this transition is … [Read more...]

What are you failing at right now?

What do you feel like you are completely failing at right now? How do you plan to overcome the obstacles in your way? Join the conversation.

And what are you going to do about it? I am pretty sure that most of us have other mothers that we are totally jealous of look in amazement at because they so totally have their act together in a way that we just don't. It might be the mum with the totally clean house or the one who throws … [Read more...]

Keeping Kids Safe & Responsible Online

Practical Tips for Keeping Our Kids Safe & Responsible Online

Today I am excited to welcome Martine of The Modern Parent - a mum, speaker, writer, educator and family counsellor, to share practical strategies for keeping our kids safe and responsible online. Kids today are really no different to how we were as children. They want to play and create and … [Read more...]