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When Your Child Just Doesn’t Sleep

A lesson in patience

Your big sister slept through the night at 7 weeks old. I remember waking from an exhausted slumber in the early hours of the morning in a complete panic because she hadn’t woken. We were on our first trip away from home and this just added to my anxiety, I was positive something dreadful had … [Read more...]

How Much is Too Much? Learning to Let Go and Let Children Take Risks

How much is too much? Learning to let go and let children take risks

"Can I, Mum, can I?" she asks with big, round eyes. Every fibre of my being wants to scream, “No,” or, “But be careful.” The protective instinct is super strong in this mama bear but instead I just nod and say, “Give it a go, if you want to.” It’s natural, of course, our protectiveness. And … [Read more...]

7 On Sunday: Popular Parenting Picks

7 On Sunday: Popular Parenting Picks

How was your week? It's been nearly four years since I had a decent night's sleep and this week I have been feeling it. Having a child who finds it hard to sleep through the night (despite trying possibly every known sleep inducing technique known to man) is exhausting on so many levels, and some … [Read more...]

7 On Sunday: Positive Parenting Series

7 On Sunday Positive Parenting Series:

How was your week? I'm trying to finish a big project that's requiring a lot of mental push to get the last bits squared away so I am going to be brief today so that I can get back to it and squeeze in some quality family time as is Sunday after all! I hope this week's parenting reads … [Read more...]

7 On Sunday: Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Questioning & More

7 on Sunday Great Parenting Reads: Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Questioning & More

How has your week been? Who can believe it's March already! Though our week was one of those flash-in-the-pan type ones, where the daily routine just seems to carry you through and the day (hey, even the week!) is over before you know it. I hope yours has been free of illness and unnecessary drama! … [Read more...]

8 Free Inspirational Quotes for Kids – They’re Printable!

8 Free Printable Inspirational Quote Posters for Kids' Spaces

I love adding little touches of inspiration to my kids' rooms, especially Immy now that she is older and finding out more and more about the big wide world each day. And what I love most about today's list is that these wonderfully, inspiring prints or posters are all free to download and print! … [Read more...]

7 On Sunday: Anxiety, Tantrums, Homework, Only Children & More

7 On Sunday: Power through your parenting week with these inspired reads - kids and anxiety, only children, homework and more.

How do you take your coffee? Or are you a tea drinker? Or maybe you're like one of my good friends and don't drink hot drinks at all? (that one I cannot understand! ;) )  In an attempt to be healthier in 2016, I have upped my water intake and cut out sugar, and so I am drinking very little tea now … [Read more...]

9 Reasons Research Shows That Family Mealtimes Matter

9 Reasons Research Shows That Family Mealtimes Matter

Long work hours, dancing classes, sporting events, school or community meetings - there are many potential interruptions to the act of gathering the family together around the dining table in today's busy family schedule but the research shows that making a regular commitment is worth the effort, … [Read more...]