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Getting Dinner on the Table Even On Impossible Days!

With four small people in our house, getting dinner ready can easily become a nightmare. Whether you have one child, or four, or ten, getting dinner on the table can seem like an impossible task some days. I mean, they don't call it witching hour for nothing! Here are some tips and tricks I use to … [Read more...]

9 Ways To Find More Time For The Things You WANT To Do…With Kids in Tow!

Recently I have been thinking a lot about my goals for my family, the things that I want to get done and the positive changes I want to make BUT I am fast realising that I cannot do everything at once. There is no more time in the day. There are just 24 hours in each and every one of them! But … [Read more...]

Teaching Currency Using A Chore Chart

This post is by our newest regular contributor, Carrie George of A Little Learning for Two. At the start of last year our eldest daughter, Bubble (6), joined her school banking program. She was so excited to fill out her bank book each week and watch her savings build up. She is planning on … [Read more...]

Our Daily Routine with Toddlers & Preschoolers

This post is by regular contributor Pauline Soo of Lessons Learnt Journal. "You have four kids?!" A question that is usually quickly followed by the question, "How do you do it????" I often reply, in all honesty, that while I think there are differences from having one child to having four … [Read more...]

5 Easy, Toddler Snacks That WON’T Fill Them Up Before Dinner!

We aim to have dinner on the table by 5.30pm in our house. If it's delayed for any reason, I'm in all sorts of trouble with a very little someone snapping around my feet with her cranky face on as I try to finish any last minute dinner prep or serving of the meal! What to do? These are my 5 … [Read more...]

Getting Out the Door on Time Without Saying ‘Hurry Up!’

I recently read a blog post that really spoke to me. It was this one - The Day I Stopped Saying Hurry Up by Hands Free Mama. As I was reading this post all I could hear was my own voice barking, 'Hurry Up!,' as sometime during the last few months I had fallen into the trap of hurrying us through our … [Read more...]

Sanity Tips for Surviving Grey, Cloudy Days

The grey clouds have hung low over Chateau 101 these past few weeks, both literally and figuratively. Winter has brought with it dark skies, rain and bugs...of the germy kind! AJ has copped the worst of it - being that it is her first real Winter out in the world  - she has been sick with awful head … [Read more...]

Our School Holiday Survival Plan

Schools around Australia are breaking up for our extended, summer vacation period. We have seven weeks of freedom from organised activities between now and school returning and we are planning to take full advantage of our time together with relaxed fun, lots of laughter and shared adventures. Here … [Read more...]