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Sleep is (Clearly) for the Weak

Toddler sleep

"Lay down. It’s time to be sleeping!" I say in a too gruff, overtired voice. I am just so very tired. Tired in the morning, the afternoon, the evening and all through night. Tired on the school run, during our time at home, as I work, as I rest. Always tired. I can honestly count the number … [Read more...]

Mum 2 Mum: Changes, Changes Everywhere

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The one constant about small children - just when you think you have a handle on things, they change it up again! Immy has started resisting her afternoon nap. All of a sudden, completely out of the blue and yet the signs are there that she still needs it (for example, her eyes are falling out of … [Read more...]

Mum 2 Mum: Sleeping With One Ear Open

Mum 2 Mum

What is Mum 2 Mum? Mum 2 Mum is a place where as online friends we can share a little of our own experiences, so why not pop in for a cuppa and join the conversation. I have a wee confession to make. Immy is now 3 and we still sleep with a baby monitor on. Admittedly, her bedroom is quite a way … [Read more...]

Transitioning a Toddler to a BIG Bed

Moving to a BIG bed

Well, we did it!  Night one down and mama is the only one suffering from the  sleep deprivation associated with such a big transition, the toddler is fine.  Last night Immy slept in a brand new, sparkly, shiny BIG girl bed.  And you know what, overall it went quite well. When she first went to … [Read more...]

Another Toddler Sleep Problem: Night Terrors – Can You Help?

In response to the Coping with Toddler Sleep Issues post from yesterday, Lorri contacted me, looking for help from parents who have issues with night terrors in young children. As this is not something we have had to deal with just yet, I am turning it over to you - the wonderful, experienced … [Read more...]

Aaah! Coping with Toddler Sleep Issues


One of the things that can be most frustrating about baby and toddler sleep disturbances, is their inability to tell you what is causing the problem. Recently, Immy (who is now 33 months and usually a good sleeper in terms of going to sleep and staying asleep) has been waking in the night. … [Read more...]

The ABC of Child Care: Z is for …

Zzzzz... Rest and SleepSleep and rest needs are individual to each child and, regardless of age or developmental stage, sleep requirements vary from child to child. When choosing a child care centre, questions about sleep and rest are also many and varied depending upon the values, cultural and … [Read more...]

Sleeping Like A Baby

After being sent a link about the Pampers Nappies (with Tresillian Family Care Centres) Sleep Report I ummed and aahed about writing this post. You see, there are things I definitely agree with in the report, things I disagree with and emphasis which I believe is placed purely for promotional … [Read more...]