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Aaah! Coping with Toddler Sleep Issues


One of the things that can be most frustrating about baby and toddler sleep disturbances, is their inability to tell you what is causing the problem. Recently, Immy (who is now 33 months and usually a good sleeper in terms of going to sleep and staying asleep) has been waking in the night. … [Read more...]

The ABC of Child Care: Z is for …

Zzzzz... Rest and SleepSleep and rest needs are individual to each child and, regardless of age or developmental stage, sleep requirements vary from child to child. When choosing a child care centre, questions about sleep and rest are also many and varied depending upon the values, cultural and … [Read more...]

Sleeping Like A Baby

After being sent a link about the Pampers Nappies (with Tresillian Family Care Centres) Sleep Report I ummed and aahed about writing this post. You see, there are things I definitely agree with in the report, things I disagree with and emphasis which I believe is placed purely for promotional … [Read more...]

I am not a fan of the tog

Not ‘togs’ as in swimmers/bathers/cossies (or for non-Australians, whatever it is you call a swimsuit!), but TOG. I am a fan of Grobags. Immy has pretty much always slept in one. Especially since she learnt to roll as from that day forward she has never stayed under a blanket. I like the … [Read more...]

Adventures of an Amateur Seamstress

So this has been sitting taunting me for months now. IT has been sitting dormant, waiting to be put to good use. Feeling inspired by the beautiful fabrics and patterns at The Oz Material Girls, I ordered this...Which came with everything I needed to make......this!Even as an amateur seamstress, the … [Read more...]

A Bouncing, Banging Bedtime (Hers, not mine!)

Last night when I was settling Immy to sleep we had lots and lots of leg bouncing, leg banging and leg twitching. You know, the kind where they are laying down in the cot but their legs seem to refuse to quit bouncing, bobbing, twitching and banging (usually into the lovely, noisy sides of the … [Read more...]

And so to sleep…

Did you know that currently lists 22,004 sleep related titles in their Parenting & Families book category? That is insane and clearly a cleverly orchestrated response by book publishers to our current obsession with our children's sleep. I believe there is no magic formula for … [Read more...]

Our Breastfeeding Story: A Weaning Failure

I tried. I really did. Despite my tears. But I failed. I previously shared our intention to wean Immy from her midday breastfeed as my DH was on holidays and could help me settle her at sleep time without the feeding part of her routine. I knew it would be a hard task but I had no idea how … [Read more...]