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Our Top Library Picks: Picture Books


We head to the library at least once a fortnight and love discovering new books.  Yesterday Immy, Dad 101 and I were all discussing our favourite borrows and I thought I would share some of our top picks from 2010. Some are newer, some are old classics and all were on our "Yes, we will read it to … [Read more...]

Learning Letters Playfully

learning letters playfully_introducing phonics

I smiled when I saw this Twitter tweet last week, in response to my post, 10 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Love Reading - "And not one of them involves learning letters." I had wondered if anyone would notice that my post about loving reading indeed did not talk about learning letters. That is … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Motivate Your Child to Love Reading


The process of learning to read will generally be easier for a child who already loves reading. This child knows that reading is enjoyable and informative and useful. This child knows that the words and pictures on a page communicate meaning. This child has had many, many positive associations with … [Read more...]

9 Things To Notice When Reading with Kids


Following on from 7 Things to Notice on the Cover, here are nine things to notice inside a book when reading with children. Sometimes; 1. As you read a new book, pause to make observations together or ask questions about what is happening in the story. 2. In picture books, illustrations are … [Read more...]

Reading With Kids: 7 Things to Notice On the Cover


When reading together with your child take a moment to notice the following on the cover before you begin; 1. Read the title of the book. You might like to point out the words which make up the title with your finger. 2. Read and point out the name of the author. 3. And the … [Read more...]

Quality Picture Books are Worth Their Weight in Gold

I love picture books. I have seen many children fall in love with reading because of fabulously crafted picture books.So I was a little horrified to see this headline on the NY Times over the weekend...What???The article goes on to discuss the fact that US publishers are commissioning and printing … [Read more...]

Kids Books 101: For Dads

The team at fun literary website, Bug in a Book, have put together a list of suggested books around the theme of 'Dads,' just in time for the Australian Father's Day this Sunday (but really we know they are great reads for anytime!)We all know how important male role models are in our children’s … [Read more...]

Do Good Stories Ever Go Out of Fashion?

Immy is currently loving the picture book, The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr. First published in 1968, it is a story I remember from my own childhood, as I do other picture book classics which Immy enjoys; titles like Titch and Rosie's Walk have quickly become firm favourites when we've … [Read more...]