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Make Your Own Cloth Baby Book

Cloth baby book

It has been on my mind to make her a book for AJ using photos of our family. Babies are fascinated by faces and what better faces to look at then those who love you most :)  Newborns also like to look at high contrast, black and white images. In fact, AJ's favourite toy is a dalmatian dog of Immy's. … [Read more...]

Longer Stories & Chapter Books to Read Aloud to Preschoolers

novels 1

In response to my recent post, Living with an Imaginative Child, one reader asked at what stage I introduced Enid Blyton to Immy.The short answer is when she was three years old. The long answer includes a little more detail about how reading longer stories and novels together came to happen in our … [Read more...]

Starting School: Books to Help Ease the Transition

books about starting school

The thought of starting school is very exciting for both child and family but for many children there is a fine line between excited and over-excited or anxious. I find using stories can be a positive, low stress way of introducing information about school to children. Some of the books we … [Read more...]

Library Picks 2011: Top Picture Book Picks

pirate small in big trouble

Last year I published our "Please read it for the 7432th time" list of Immy's favourite library books. Towards the end of 2011, Immy started to enjoy us reading a lot more novels and chapter books with her (which I will share in a later post) but we all still love a good picture book.  Here are the … [Read more...]

Kids Books 101: Parrot Carrot

Parrot Carrot

I have written before about the value of rhyme and the fun that playing around with rhyming words can add to early literacy development ( you'll find references in these posts - here, here and here). We recently received a copy of the newly released Parrot Carrot by Jol and Kate Temple (Allen … [Read more...]

Our Christmas Reading Pile: Picture Books

christmas book ideas

Here are some of the Christmas themed picture books Immy is enjoying right now... Christmas Wombat, Jackie French & Bruce Whatley, 2011 Immy is already a big fan of the quirky Diary of a Wombat and Diary of a Baby Wombat and was excited to receive Christmas Wombat this week.  It offers a … [Read more...]

Literacy Spot #39:Growing Kids who Read

Reading in bed with Dad, on holidays: 10 months old I am unwell and stuck in bed so for today's Literacy Spot I am sharing a post that was first published in August of 2009, back when only a few of you were on this blogging journey with me :) I started reading early with Immy. Once the … [Read more...]

How to Make Book Cover Bunting

how to make bunting

A few months ago when I published pictures of our book corner I had a number of readers ask how I made the book cover bunting hanging in the space. So here it is... I scanned the covers of our favourite picture books and used an iron on t-shirt transfer paper compatible with my … [Read more...]