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A Thank You & A Request for Help…With a Chance to Win $100 to Spend on Etsy

Annual blog survey with $100 giveaway

The world moves at a hectic pace and the online world is no different. We are distracted by Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Candy Crush, emails, text messages, and sometimes, even blogs! Blogging has changed in the six years (wow!) since I started. Our communities have spread out. There are … [Read more...]

Back to School $500 Giveaway for US Readers

Back to school giveaway

Today I am excited to share a fabulous giveaway for my US based readers. I hear you guys are headed back to school soon and so I’ve teamed up with some of my online friends to offer an awesome giveaway for those who hang out on Instagram. Here are the details…be sure to read through and enter, it’s … [Read more...]

6 Bathtime Play Ideas

6 Bathtime Play Ideas for Kids Who Don't Love Bathtime

This post is sponsored by Dettol. Cleaning the bathroom when you have kids can most certainly make everyday feel like Groundhog Day. No sooner is the ring around the tub erased then it is back again the next evening! And let’s not even talk about the toothpaste blobs all over the sink or the state … [Read more...]

9 Digital Word Games for School Aged Kids

9 Digital Word Games for School Aged Kids

This post is part of Microsoft’s #WorkWonders program. In our family, screen time is a bit like sugar. You see, we are certainly not sugar free but I am conscious of how many sugary treats our children eat and I make every effort to make good dietary choices for their health. The same applies to … [Read more...]

No Rain, No Rainbows: Lessons Learnt Through Tough Times

No Rain No Rainbows: Lessons Learnt Through Tough Times

This post is sponsored by the Commonwealth Government and ASIC. Some blog posts are much harder to write than others. This is one of those on the difficult end of the spectrum but as a wise woman shared recently, “The stories that hurt the most are the ones that need to be told the most.” You see, … [Read more...]

4 Fun Ways To Encourage Independent Play

4 ways to encourage children to play independently

This post is sponsored by LEGO DUPLO. “MUM! Will you play with me?” is an all too familiar question in our house. Especially when Immy is at school and it is just AJ and I home alone. I love being with my children as they play - watching, encouraging and joining in, but I do admit to getting more … [Read more...]

Tweet Yourself! A Giveaway for US Readers


Today I am excited to share a fabulous giveaway! I've teamed up with a group of awesome bloggers to offer a big thank you to my US based readers. Here are the sure to read through and enter, it's such a fabulous prize! How often do you hear people say,  “You need take time for … [Read more...]

3 Fun Easter Snacks for Kids this Holiday Season

3 Healthy Easter Snacks for Kids

This post is sponsored by Colgate. It’s no secret I have a sweet tooth! I am a chocoholic from way back and Easter may just be my favourite holiday on the calendar. Truth be told I have already indulged in an egg or five myself this year :) But it seems I am not alone! In its recent research, … [Read more...]