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Encouraging Physical Motor Skill Development in Young Children

Fine and gross motor skill development skips | Childhood 101

This post is sponsored by Fisher-Price. Motor skills are physical skills requiring the co-ordination of the muscles of the body to affect movement. This includes large body movements involving the head, torso and limbs, most often known as gross motor skills, and small body movements involving the … [Read more...]

Menu Planning & Online Shopping: My 2 Biggest Shopping Timesavers

My menu plan | Childhood 101

This post is sponsored by Woolworths. Waiting outside Immy’s dancing class recently, I was trying hurriedly to finish my menu plan (whilst also simultaneously keeping one eye on my toddler partner-in-crime) when I got talking with two of my fellow mum friends about menu planning. It started out as … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Decorating Your Family Christmas Tree

7 Tips for Decorating Your Christmas Tree

This post is sponsored by BIG W. I am so excited to be have been chosen as a member of the Christmas Hint Squad for BIG W this year. The squad members’ mission is to share hints and tips regarding everything Christmassy between now and the big day – you’ll see us in BIG W catalogues, on the BIG W … [Read more...]

Gold Coast Family Holidays: Mantra Crown Towers Resort Apartments

Gold Coast Family Holidays | Mantra Crown Towers Resort

This post was sponsored by Mantra Crown Towers Resort Apartments. What does a fabulous family holiday 'look' like for your family? The various members of our little family would vote for swimming, good food, beach time, warm weather and sleep as essentials for a successful holiday :) We recently … [Read more...]

Introducing the Fisher-Price Grow with Me High Chair

Fisher-Price Grow with Me High Chair adjusting height

This post is sponsored by Fisher-Price and co-ordinated by Nuffnang.  Earlier this year I was lucky to score a sneak peek at some of the new products Fisher-Price had planned for release in Australia this year and I must confess that when I saw the Grow with Me High Chair I got more than a little … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY: Starting Solids with Closer to Nature

Giveaway at Childhood 101

This giveaway was co-ordinated by Nuffnang for Closer to Nature. One Australian Childhood 101 reader will win a Closer to Nature baby feeding prize pack, of which the Closer to Nature® Explora Electric Baby Food Blender is the champion. A useful appliance when it comes to preparing homemade meals … [Read more...]

The Busy Mum’s Guide: OPSM’s Eye Check App

OPSM Eye Check App

This post is sponsored by OPSM. I am not sure if it is a side effect of turning 40 or the hours I spend working on my laptop or iPad each night (and I am sure it could not possibly have anything to do with the time spent squinting at my iPhone as I feed AJ!) but over the course of the past six to … [Read more...]

Common Car Seat Mistakes + a Giveaway

Childhood 101 | Britax Common Car Seat Mistakes

This post is sponsored by Britax. Read on for a giveaway for Australian readers. I vividly remember the day we first left the hospital with a five day old Immy. Neither Dad 101 nor I had thought to practice putting a pseudo-baby in the car seat before this very important maiden journey, and after … [Read more...]