About Sponsored Posts

  • Sponsored posts are paid for by an advertiser and written by Christie (or in the case of content supplied as a guest post by the client, reviewed and edited by Christie – you can see an example here).
  • Although sponsored posts are paid for, an advertiser is not paying me for my opinion, it can not be bought.   I am paid to allow a brand access to the thousands of fantastic Childhood 101 readers.
  • Where a sponsored post includes a product review, I will provide an honest opinion of the product in my own words.  Always.
  • Brands and products represented here are carefully selected.  As many that are chosen for use, there are twice as many rejected as unsuitable for Childhood 101.
  • In the interest of full transparency, sponsored posts will always be disclosed.  Readers can choose whether they want to read a sponsored post or not.
  • Sponsored posts are a necessary part of this business and allow Childhood 101 to continue to provide information and inspiration for parents everyday.

PR Representatives

Please visit the Childhood 101 About page and familiarise yourself with the type of content featured on Childhood 101 to ensure that your client and their products are a good fit for Childhood 101.

Further information about advertising on Childhood 101 can be found here.  All enquiries should be directed to Christie via email.