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Thumbnail image for Floor Block Puzzles

Floor Block Puzzles

Tape down a shape and fill with blocks to make your own puzzle.

Thumbnail image for Pencil Block

Pencil Block

A simple first carpentry project!

Thumbnail image for Yarn Wrapped Block Prints

Yarn Wrapped Block Prints

Wrap yarn around blocks to make unique painted prints.

Thumbnail image for Hula Blockers

Hula Blockers

Take some hula hoops and bean bags for outdoor active fun!

Thumbnail image for Milk Carton Dice Blocks

Milk Carton Dice Blocks

Recycle milk cartons into fun DIY game dice or building blocks.

Thumbnail image for Make Your Own Tree Blocks

Make Your Own Tree Blocks

Who knew a few branches could create so much playtime fun!

Thumbnail image for 10 Ways to Play With Blocks

10 Ways to Play With Blocks

A great post for those looking for fun ways to get the most out of your building blocks.

Thumbnail image for Duplo Printing

Duplo Printing

Print with Duplo blocks – fun and easy!

Thumbnail image for Building with Egg Cartons

Building with Egg Cartons

Make great big building blocks from egg cartons … tons of fun!

Thumbnail image for Tall Paintings

Tall Paintings

Change your canvas to blocks and cones and dribble paint from on high for a whole new art experience.

Thumbnail image for Pushing Pins

Pushing Pins

Pearl headed pins and styrofoam blocks make for colourful pattern fun.

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