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Thumbnail image for Magnet Painting

Magnet Painting

Watch science at work. With a magnet stick under a paper plate, you can paint!

Thumbnail image for Painted Leaves

Painted Leaves

A unique canvas – paint leaves in the colours of your choice!

Thumbnail image for Blot Paint Monsters

Blot Paint Monsters

Making blot paint monsters = lots of symmetry fun.

Thumbnail image for Window Painting

Window Painting

A simply made recipe for window paint that’s easily washed off!

Thumbnail image for Critter Painting!

Critter Painting!

Uses sensory toys to paint by stamping, brushing, and bouncing!

Thumbnail image for Spaghetti Painting

Spaghetti Painting

Enjoy icky sticky painting fun with spaghetti!

Thumbnail image for Straw Painting

Straw Painting

Painting with straws! Simple!

Thumbnail image for Foot Painting Fun

Foot Painting Fun

Have buckets of sensory fun squishing paint between your toes and creating footprint art.

Thumbnail image for Edible Finger Paint

Edible Finger Paint

Create first fingerpaint using food ingredients from your kitchen.

Thumbnail image for Painting With Q-Tips

Painting With Q-Tips

Combine q-tips and pom-poms for fine motor and painting fun.

Thumbnail image for Tall Paintings

Tall Paintings

Change your canvas to blocks and cones and dribble paint from on high for a whole new art experience.

Thumbnail image for Blow Painting

Blow Painting

Take paint and a straw and blow! blow! blow!

Thumbnail image for Body Painting

Body Painting

Let your kids go wild with tempera paint as they use their bodies as a canvas!

Thumbnail image for Rainbow Marble Painting

Rainbow Marble Painting

Painting with Marbles!

Thumbnail image for Bathtub Puffy Paint

Bathtub Puffy Paint

Colourful, sensory, messy play in the bath or shower. At least it’s an easy clean!

Thumbnail image for Mud Painting!

Mud Painting!

Mix up some fun and get creative outdoors with MUD!