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Thumbnail image for The Science of Bubbles

The Science of Bubbles

Have fun playing while learning the scientific principles behind bubbles!

Thumbnail image for Magnet Painting

Magnet Painting

Watch science at work. With a magnet stick under a paper plate, you can paint!

Thumbnail image for Air Pressure & Egg Experiment

Air Pressure and Egg Experiment

Have fun exploring air pressure with an egg!!!

Thumbnail image for Create an Optical Illusion

Create an Optical Illusion

Make a simple optical illusion and watch 2 pictures turn into 1.

Thumbnail image for How Strong Are Egg Shells?

How Strong Are Egg Shells?

How can something brittle and weak hold a heavy load??

Thumbnail image for Making Moon Craters

Making Moon Craters

Drop balls into flour to make spectacular craters and more!

Thumbnail image for Storm in a Saucer

Storm in a Saucer

A simple science experiment using readily available ingredients from the kitchen.

Thumbnail image for Smelling Pots

Smelling Pots

Can you identify common things by their smell?

Thumbnail image for Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket

Explore science as you make and launch a real rocket!

Thumbnail image for A Different Perspective

A Different Perspective

Playing with mirrors. Investigate your own face or try navigating backwards!

Thumbnail image for COOL Ice Art

COOL Ice Art

Ice painting has never been so much fun!

Thumbnail image for Experiments with Floating and Sinking

Experiments with Floating and Sinking

Did you know all metal sinks? Even tiny filings?

Thumbnail image for Field Journals

Field Journals

Children love exploring the natural world, record their interests in their very own field journal.

Thumbnail image for 13 Games to Play With Light

13 Games to Play With Light

13 games with light to fascinate your children, including ideas for bubs through to big kids.

Thumbnail image for Homemade Butter

Homemade Butter

Explore butter making with whipping cream and a marble.

Thumbnail image for Float or Sink? Lego Boat Making Challenge

Float or Sink? Lego Boat Making Challenge

Do you have what it takes to make a Lego boat that will actually float?