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Thumbnail image for Rainy Day Jumping Pit

Rainy Day Jumping Pit

Gather all of your blankets and cushions, grab a chair and get jumping.

Thumbnail image for Silly Races

Silly Races

Races are fun, but silly races are even better!

Thumbnail image for A Threading Hunt

A Threading Hunt

What items can you find in your home that are fun for threading?

Thumbnail image for Learning to Cut Snowflakes

Learning to Cut Snowflakes

Learning to cut snowflakes from coffee filters.

Thumbnail image for Sock Snowballs

Sock Snowballs

Throw snowballs, even if it is warm!

Thumbnail image for Dance Ideas with Simple Props

Dance Ideas with Simple Props

Ideas for dancing and creative movement using 3 simple props.

Thumbnail image for Find Your Inner Animal

Find Your Inner Animal

Print the down­load­able Wildlife Move­ment Dice to play. Tips on animal movements and sounds too!

Thumbnail image for Get Them Moving and Thinking!

Easy Toddler Game to Get Them Moving and Thinking

You can have this fun and educational game ready in less than five minutes!

Thumbnail image for Indoor String Scavenger Hunt

Indoor String Scavenger Hunt

Follow the string and see what you can find – a scavenger hunt with a difference!

Thumbnail image for Sewing Flowers

Sewing Flowers

A fun beginning sewing project using plastic canvas and wool.

Thumbnail image for Backyard Fun!

Backyard Fun!

A photographic collection of simple and fun ideas for outside play.

Thumbnail image for Balloon Bean Bags

Balloon Bean Bags

Easy to make bean bags for hours of fun play!

Thumbnail image for Marble Circus

Marble Circus

Create your own fun with marbles and a shoe box.

Thumbnail image for Five Classic Games To Play

Five Classic Games To Play

Five games fit for ages 2-92 that you may have forgotten about!!

Thumbnail image for Cutting Straws

Cutting Straws

Learning how to use a scissors to cut by snipping straws.

Thumbnail image for Cut and Cover

Cut and Cover

Encourage reluctant crafters to get snipping.