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Thumbnail image for Design Your Own Hair Clip Holder

Design Your Own Hair Clip Holder

Don’t know what to do with your big pile of hair clips? Design your own hair clip holder.

Thumbnail image for Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt Dough Ornaments

Easy to make ornaments using just 3 simple ingredients

Thumbnail image for Library Pretend Play

Library Pretend Play

Pretend to be librarians and patrons checking out books.

Thumbnail image for Magical Shadow Boxes

Magical Shadow Boxes

Create a wax resist watercolour painting and use it as a backdrop for a shadow box.

Thumbnail image for DIY Butterfly Hand Puppet

DIY Butterfly Hand Puppet

A simple DIY puppet requiring just 4 easy-to-find items.

Thumbnail image for Electrical Tape Art

Electrical Tape Art

Make colourful tape collages!

Thumbnail image for Shape Hunt

Shape Hunt

An easy scavenger hunt for shapes around your house.

Thumbnail image for Easter Egg Busy Bag

Easter Egg Busy Bag

Cut a large egg from felt and use ribbon scraps and punch outs to decorate it.

Thumbnail image for Silly Races

Silly Races

Races are fun, but silly races are even better!

Thumbnail image for Magnet Painting

Magnet Painting

Watch science at work. With a magnet stick under a paper plate, you can paint!

Thumbnail image for DIY Wrapping Paper

DIY Wrapping Paper

Tissue paper (or crepe paper) and water art technique, a perfect way for kids to make wrapping paper!

Thumbnail image for A Threading Hunt

A Threading Hunt

What items can you find in your home that are fun for threading?

Thumbnail image for Simple Waiting Room Game

Simple Waiting Room Game

Fun drawing game for kids to play anytime, anywhere.

Thumbnail image for Creating with Pumpkin Seeds

Creating With Pumpkin Seeds

Create a picture using pumpkin or other seeds.

Thumbnail image for Learning to Cut Snowflakes

Learning to Cut Snowflakes

Learning to cut snowflakes from coffee filters.

Thumbnail image for Painted Leaves

Painted Leaves

A unique canvas – paint leaves in the colours of your choice!