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Thumbnail image for Foam Packing Garden

Foam Packing Garden

Use foam packaging and craft materials to create colourful gardens.

Thumbnail image for ABC Scavenger Hunt

ABC Scavenger Hunt

A wonderfully Seussical scavenger hunt, that big & little kids will enjoy.

Thumbnail image for Buckets and Strings

Buckets and Strings

A length of string and two buckets provide hours of fun.

Thumbnail image for Popcorn Play

Popcorn Play

Make edible jewelry with popcorn, needle and thread.

Thumbnail image for Modelling Clay Stamping

Modelling Clay Stamping

Make your own stamps for creating from modelling clay.

Thumbnail image for Homemade Octopus Learning Fun

Homemade Octopus Learning Fun

Make your own set of stacking octopi, perfect for learning fun.

Thumbnail image for Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade Ice Cream

We learned about ice cream and then we made some ourselves!

Thumbnail image for Cut and Cover

Cut and Cover

Encourage reluctant crafters to get snipping.

Thumbnail image for Mosaic Garden Sculpture

Mosaic Garden Sculpture

Use small treasures to create a mosaic sculpture for your garden.

Thumbnail image for Magnetic Tree

Magnetic Tree

A natural take on playing with magnets.

Thumbnail image for 10 Easy Things to Cook with Kids

10 Easy Things to Cook with Kids

Simple recipe ideas for cooking with kids.

Thumbnail image for Pop Up Play Scenes

Pop Up Play Scenes

A pop up play scene provides for hours of engaging play.

Thumbnail image for How Strong Are Egg Shells?

How Strong Are Egg Shells?

How can something brittle and weak hold a heavy load??

Thumbnail image for Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows

No equipment required! Just a bright sunny day, let the giggles begin!

Thumbnail image for Water Spray Art

Water Spray Art

Create a masterpiece with natural objects and a water spray bottle.

Thumbnail image for Balloon Printing

Balloon Printing

Balloons make for an interesting way to print your picture!