Zero to Two: A Book of Play

activities for babies and toddlers

Now you would imagine being an early childhood teacher that I have hundreds of fabulous activity ideas floating around in my head just perfect for babies and toddlers. In fact, there are days when I am home with just one little person scratching my head wondering what we should do next, and on … [Read more...]

Baby Play Ideas: Vehicles, Balls & Ramps

Baby Play-Ramps and Rolling Exploration

Today fun mum Danya of Danya Banya shares a fun idea for exploring ramps and rolling with babies and toddlers. Rolling balls, cars, trains, and anything else that has wheels provides endless fun for babies and toddlers. Since my eldest daughter JJ has recently started preschool, I've found … [Read more...]

Active Baby Play Activities

Baby activities

This post is by regular contributor Kylie Gardner of Octavia & Vicky. I have lots of fun playing actively with my three year old daughter, "Pebble", and find it easy to think of fun things for her to do to keep active. Finding active ways to play with my three month old, "Rocky" is a little … [Read more...]