Managing Big Emotions Through Movement: Yoga for Kids

Calm Down Yoga Routine for kids - help children manage big emotions

Given the popularity of the first two Managing Big Emotions Printable Posters (you can find poster one here and poster two here), today I have teamed up with the author of Kids Yoga Stories, Giselle Shardlow, to bring you a simple yoga for kids sequence to use as a calm down activity with your … [Read more...]

9 Calm Down Ideas for Kids

9 Calm Down Ideas for Kids

Last week I shared the 5 Steps to Managing Big Emotions Poster as a tool to help parents and children navigate those times when children are struggling to express their feelings in socially acceptable ways (you can find out more about the 5 steps and print a copy of the poster here). The final step … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Managing Big Emotions: Printable Poster

5 Steps to Managing Big Emotions Printable Poster

Whenever I ask parents what their biggest parenting struggle is, patience is always right there at the top of the list. We struggle to keep our cool in all sorts of situations - when we are rushing to get everyone out the door, when we have asked our child 272 times to do something, when they whine … [Read more...]

Tantrums Aren’t Just For Two Year Olds

Helping Children Learn to Manage Intense Emotions: Without a Tantrum

We regularly hear about the terrible twos and the troublesome threes but it's not uncommon to hear that even older children have tantrums.  How can this be when the experts tell us these angry outbursts are most typically a result of the frustration of young children as yet unable to verbally … [Read more...]

Dealing with Attitude

Childhood 101 | Dealing with Attitude

"He has such an attitude. And he's only four!" "I thought I had years to prepare for this. No one warned me about dealing with a threenager!" "She's five going on fifteen." Have you ever commented on your child's attitude? I am sure I have, especially as we live with a … [Read more...]

Kids Music 101: Music & Emotions – Music for Stimulating Positive Behaviour

Get up move CD

This post is by regular contributor Christine Gora of Kids Music Toys. Marketers have known for years that music is a powerful tool for encouraging particular consumer outcomes. There has been much research into the effects that volume, speed, pitch and types of music have on product preference … [Read more...]

E-book Review: Parenting With Positive Guidance


Today a keyword search for books on 'parenting' at will net you 61,181 titles to choose from. Publishers are tapping into the struggle of modern day parents in their search for a quick fix to sleep problems, a simple formula for fussy eating or an ABC for handling behavioural … [Read more...]

Using a Reward Chart as a Positive Parenting Tool

Reward chart

As an early childhood teacher, I talked many parents through the process of successfully using reward charts as one tool in their parenting toolkit and recently (as parents of an almost three year old) we have had cause to put the good old reward chart into practice in our own home as well.  Reward … [Read more...]