Printable Art Frame Gift Tags

Printable Art Frame Gift Tags for Kids to Decorate

If you are looking for a fun activity to keep the kids happily occupied (and creating) during the pre-Christmas week, then this post is just for you. Print a few sheets of these art frame gift tags and set the kids the task of decorating your gift tags this year! Family and friends will love the … [Read more...]

Our Favourite Wooden Toys for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Best Wooden Toys for Toddlers & Preschoolers

It's surprising how many of the most well loved toys in our home are simple, wooden toys. With two girls who love imaginative play, I guess that is a given but most of the toys I have included on this list have been purchased once and played with thousands of times over the course of the last 6+ … [Read more...]

24 Fun Stocking Stuffers/Gifts for Tweens

24 Fun Stocking Stuffers/Gifts for Tweens

I love shopping for both my girls but heading into the world of tweendom with Miss 8 (closer to 9!) opens up a whole new world of shopping possibilities! So as I have been scoping out the world of tweens on Etsy, I thought I would share some of my favourites - here are 24 fun stocking stuffers for … [Read more...]

Literacy Inspired Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Literacy Inspired Christmas Stocking Stuffers for kids of all ages

We give books as gifts to our girls every Christmas and birthday, and this year I have also been looking for gifts that further encourage the development of all areas of literacy - reading, writing, speaking and listening. When you go looking there are lots of fun games and resources that engage … [Read more...]

Best Gifts for Kids: You’re Going to Love Beados

Best Gifts for Kids: Check out Beados. A great gift for kids who love to create. Uses water to fuse, no ironing!

This post is sponsored by Moose Toys. I have a confession to make. When I was asked to review the Beados range by Moose Toys, I actually didn’t think I would like them….BUT we love them! You see I have never been a huge fan of those sets with little plastic beads that you have to iron together to … [Read more...]

Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Kids Who Like to Cook

Christmas stocking stuffer and gift ideas for kids who like to cook

Do you have a child who loves to cook - whether it be the pretend, imaginary play version or the real thing? Here are some of my favourite stocking stuffer suggestions for encouraging an interest in all things cooking! The ideas below are mostly linked to an Amazon or Etsy product link … [Read more...]

25 Best Family Board Games & Card Games

25 Family Friendly Board Games and Card Games with suggestions for kids of all ages

I love adding to our board game collection each Christmas, and as our children grow the games we play change too. This list includes all of our family favourites plus those from my years as a teacher working with children of all ages. Add to that a few suggestions from some of the wonderful parents … [Read more...]

Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Creative Kids

Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for creative kids

As long time readers of Childhood 101 will know, the value of children creating is close to my heart (so much so that I wrote a book about it that you can see here). Every Christmas and birthday my girls receive art materials to encourage them to express their ideas creatively. If you know a … [Read more...]