Food, Mood and Social Challenges for Those Battling Food Intolerance

mashed potato volcano recipe - food intolerance - elimination diet

This post is by Naomi Cook of Nurse Naomi. It’s been a while since I’ve had time to blog about our food intolerance journey (see Eating Like a Cow and Food Allergies & Intolerances: Our Journey Continues). I’ve actually been busy writing a children’s trilogy called The Pharaoh Prophecies (you … [Read more...]

Mum 2 Mum: The Year of Positive Eating

Mum 2 Mum

I had one of those BIG birthdays this week. The one that starts with a 4 and ends with an 0! I am not sure if it can be described as a mid-life crisis but turning 40 has me examining my health and lifestyle and wanting to do better for my family. Though to be honest, this self-examination really … [Read more...]

Cheese, Bacon and Spaghetti Pie, Oh My!

Spaghetti Bacon Pie

This post is by regular contributor Kyrstie Barcak of A Fresh Legacy. If your home is anything like ours we have a constant stream of visitors during the lead up to Christmas and into the New Year, and then my boys both celebrate their birthdays. The recipe below is a child-friendly meal that … [Read more...]

Family Food: Solving Dinnertime Challenges


Today I am excited to announce a new Childhood 101 resource for parents. Developed in collaboration with Kyrstie of A Fresh Legacy, Family Food: The Dinner Edition shares our passion for cooking healthy family meals through delicious, family friendly recipes and supporting helpful hints for … [Read more...]

Springtime Gardening: Growing Vegetables in Your Backyard

Spring Planting

This post is by regular contributor Kyrstie Barcak of A Fresh Legacy. My vegetable garden is my sanity. I get a great feeling of achievement and satisfaction when I pick produce from my garden for dinner. I love to feed my family from our garden. I also love to spend time with my two children in … [Read more...]

5 Food Suggestions For Keeping Kids at the Table


I have a child who often likes to start dancing around the dinner table about five minutes into the meal. Or she gets up time and again during dinner to get or do something unnecessary, which is really just an excuse to get up from the table. Sometimes we ignore the behaviour as the dancing and … [Read more...]


growing vegetables with children

It is almost 12 months since we first built and planted out our vegetable boxes and nine months since we planted our fruit trees (except the luscious mulberry tree that was already here when we purchased this house). Not everything has survived or been as fruitful as we would have liked but we have … [Read more...]

Growing Healthy Kids

ice blocks

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang I have recently been thinking about the importance of sensitivity when it comes to talking to children about making healthy lifestyle choices, especially talking about nutrition and exercise. The fact that very young children are becoming so very aware about body … [Read more...]