The View From Here


I know I have been MIA around these parts. I miss being here but we have been busy...busy with new baby goodness (aren't first smiles just the best?), four year old big sister loveliness, what seems like constant washing of onesies, storms resulting in long, long power outages and blown down fences, … [Read more...]

Two. The Number of Separation


As a teacher who grew up with two families I have always had a passion for understanding how to best help children cope with separation and divorce. As much as we all hope it wont happen to us, there are many, many children and their parents doing their very best to cope and move forward in a … [Read more...]

Sharing the Value of Volunteering With Your Child

volunteering with children

This post is by regular contributor Tricia Hogbin of Little Eco Footprints. Having volunteered regularly for most of my adult life, I’ve experienced the benefits first hand. Through volunteering I’ve learnt and strengthened skills, made friends, had fun, connected with my community, and have also … [Read more...]

What Will Your Children Be Grateful For?

Tricia1_family time

This post is by regular contributor Tricia Hogbin of Little Eco Footprints. What will your children be grateful for when they look back on their childhood? Will it be all the toys they had, or the fashionable clothes they wore, or the technology they had access to, or any of the other things that … [Read more...]

Installing Speed Bumps to Television Viewing


This post is by regular contributor Tricia Hogbin of Little Eco Footprints. I’d love to have a TV-free home. We’ve lived without a television before and I love the calm and creativity that comes with being screen-free. However, it’s one against two in my household, so the TV stays for now. I’ve … [Read more...]

Mum 2 Mum: Sleeping With One Ear Open

Mum 2 Mum

What is Mum 2 Mum? Mum 2 Mum is a place where as online friends we can share a little of our own experiences, so why not pop in for a cuppa and join the conversation. I have a wee confession to make. Immy is now 3 and we still sleep with a baby monitor on. Admittedly, her bedroom is quite a way … [Read more...]

Sponsor Spotlight: The Zigo Wrap Up

Zigo Kids Banner

Our month long test ride of the Zigo is over and I am going to be very, very sad to say goodbye  :(  The extremely hot weather in Perth over the past three weeks has meant that we have not been out quite as much as I had planned but the Zigo has certainly shown me how much fun it is to exercise as a … [Read more...]

E-book Review: Parenting With Positive Guidance


Today a keyword search for books on 'parenting' at will net you 61,181 titles to choose from. Publishers are tapping into the struggle of modern day parents in their search for a quick fix to sleep problems, a simple formula for fussy eating or an ABC for handling behavioural … [Read more...]