Easy Slow Cooker Mini Meatballs Recipe

This easy meatball recipe has three things going for it (well, probably more but three that I am going to talk about!). #1 has to be the meatballs: they are just the ultimate in comfort food and these bite sized mini meatballs are perfect for kids. #2 they cook in the slow cooker...and you know how … [Read more...]

Tostadas! A Self-Serve, Fast Family Friendly Dinner Idea

Does your family love Mexican food?  We do. It is such a family friendly option with many dishes being self-serve and easy to personalise the flavours.  Tacos and nachos are our staple dishes but every now and then we like to add in something different.  We have even made our own homemade flour … [Read more...]

Lemon & Mango Yoghurt Cake Recipe

I love the huge mulberry tree that we have in our front garden. Not just for the delicious berries that it produces or the messy, berry stained smiles of my children during mulberry season but also because the fruit is so plentiful that there is plenty to share. My girls love helping to fill a … [Read more...]

Cooking with Kids: Chicken Pot Pies Recipe

Pies are one food that most family members will usually eat! As pies can take so many forms, it's easy to include them as a regular feature in your menu plan. This Chicken Pot Pie recipe is a good one for getting your children involved in the kitchen too as children can help with all the steps, … [Read more...]

3 Ingredient Banana Cake – Baked in the Slow Cooker!

A 3 ingredient banana cake??? I know you are thinking no way! How is that possible? At least that is what I thought when I saw comments made on Facebook about a similar cake. But you know what? It does work! And more than that, you cook it in the slow cooker. No hot kitchen to contend with! Here's … [Read more...]

Family Dinner Ideas: One Pan Vegetable Macaroni and Cheese

In today's post Maree of Three Foot Cooks transforms a family favourite - good old Mac & Cheese - with a veggie twist and a bonus - it only takes one pan! Dinner ideas that suit the whole family can often be difficult to come up with.  So a dinner idea that not only tastes great to the kids … [Read more...]

Homemade Tortillas for Taco Tuesdays

Meat free Mondays, Taco Tuesdays and Fishy Fridays -I have been making a weekly menu plan for our family meals for 7 years now.  I started before Bear and Bee were born and I must admit it was a whole lot easier back then to decide what we were having for dinner each night. Now that I need to take … [Read more...]

Best of 2014: Family Friendly Recipes & Meal Ideas

In this, the second Best of 2014 post, I am sharing the most popular recipe and meal ideas featured at Childhood 101 this year, sorted into family friendly meal ideas, recipes for cooking with children and lunch box recipe ideas. I hope you find some fresh inspiration for the new year in this … [Read more...]