5 Great Collections of Free Online Books for Kids

5 Great Collections of Free Online Books for Kids of All Ages. 100s of great titles.

I am a BIG advocate of reading with children and  I really do believe the biggest way you can make an impact to a child's lifelong learning journey is by reading together. I am a bit of a traditionalist and prefer good, old fashioned paper and ink type books for reading with my girls but with a … [Read more...]

Keeping Kids Safe & Responsible Online

Practical Tips for Keeping Our Kids Safe & Responsible Online

Today I am excited to welcome Martine of The Modern Parent - a mum, speaker, writer, educator and family counsellor, to share practical strategies for keeping our kids safe and responsible online. Kids today are really no different to how we were as children. They want to play and create and … [Read more...]

#JustKeepDancing With the Video Star App

Create fun music videos with awesome effects with the Video Star app

In February 2015 fellow Australian play blogger, Katey of Play to Talk, received the shattering news that her beautiful 18 month old, Finlay, has High Risk Stage 4 Hepatoblastoma - liver cancer that has spread to his lungs. Since his diagnosis Finlay has been courageously fighting this terrible … [Read more...]

Children & Technology: Would You Let Your Child Start a Blog?

children and technology

This post is by regular contributor Catherine Oehlman aka Squigglemum. “Mum, can I have my own blog now I’m six?” I stared blankly at my daughter while internally processing my response... “Not yet... maybe when you’re older... hang on yes... yes, of course... no, don’t be ridiculous... NO WAY... … [Read more...]

Kids & Advertising: How to help children process what they see

toy catalogue

This post is by regular contributor Kate Fairlie of Picklebums. Our kids don’t watch much commercial television.  We keep away from it, not because of the programs, but because of the advertising.  While I’ve made peace with how televisions is used in our family, I have not made peace with the … [Read more...]

Going Screen Free: 45 Activities Printable Now Available in 6 Languages


I was thrilled with how popular the recent 45 activities printable from this post, More Things to Do Instead of Turning On the TV, was. And then Edd Turner, a British trainee kindergarten teacher living in Germany, contacted me with the offer to translate the printable into German, and to use his … [Read more...]

Kids & Computers: 7 Year Olds on Facebook? Really?

Facebook and kids

This post is by regular contributor Kate Fairlie of Picklebums. I am generally skeptical about articles like this one from the BBC News website 'Children's Screen Habits Revealed. I find that often the way statistics are quoted is somewhat sensational and alarmist; with journalists picking out … [Read more...]

Installing Speed Bumps to Television Viewing


This post is by regular contributor Tricia Hogbin of Little Eco Footprints. I’d love to have a TV-free home. We’ve lived without a television before and I love the calm and creativity that comes with being screen-free. However, it’s one against two in my household, so the TV stays for now. I’ve … [Read more...]