Finding Dory Inspired Lego Mosaics

Finding Dory Lego Mosaic Free Printables

Finding Dory is here! We are so excited! Have you seen it yet? I thought we could celebrate its release together with a new set of Lego mosaic patterns. There are three fun and fabulous sea creatures from the movie - Dory (of course!), Nemo (because...Nemo!) and Hank the septopus! The … [Read more...]

Printable Star Wars Lego Mosaic Patterns

Star Wars Lego Mosaics Free Printable Patterns

So we are two thirds of the way through sharing the original Star Wars trilogy with our girls and Immy is loving it. While she is fascinated by the idea of a good stormtrooper, it will be a while before we let her see the latest movie release, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but in the meantime we are … [Read more...]