5 Steps to Literacy Rich STEM Activities

5 Steps to Literacy Rich STEM Activities

When we help kids make connections, we strengthen their learning experience. Integrating multiple subjects when studying a topic or theme is one way to help build these connections. STEM (which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math) activities provide a fabulous vehicle for … [Read more...]

Star Wars Shadow Puppets

Staw Wars Shadow Puppets Activity for Kids

This post is sponsored by Duracell. Hands up if you have a Star Wars fan in your home? We do and he has been waiting for the day to share his love with our kids! I mean, that really is one of the joys of parenting isn’t it– sharing those passions and joys that were so super cool during your own … [Read more...]

Reading Quotes for Kids: Printable Book Quote Poster

Childrens books

Just because I love this reading with kids quote! Here it is as a free printable poster for your home, your classroom, your childcare service, your library...wherever it is that you read with children! To download and print: CLICK HERE to open the PDF file. Download or save the PDF to your own … [Read more...]

9 Digital Word Games for School Aged Kids

9 Digital Word Games for School Aged Kids

This post is part of Microsoft’s #WorkWonders program. In our family, screen time is a bit like sugar. You see, we are certainly not sugar free but I am conscious of how many sugary treats our children eat and I make every effort to make good dietary choices for their health. The same applies to … [Read more...]

21 Fun Ways to Rev Up Interest In Your Writing Table

21 Fun Ways to Increase Interest in Your Writing Table P

Need to revive flagging interest in your writing table? Wanting to make the most of this precious learning space? Here are 21 simple ways to get young children interested in playful learning about letters and writing (click through each link for more details). 1. Add a collection of Alphabet … [Read more...]

Literacy Spot #33: Library Time Treasure Hunt

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With reading to young children such an important component of a child's literacy development, we read together a lot in our house and heading off to the local library every fortnight for a stash of new stories to share is an important part of our routine. When we go to the library, Immy and I … [Read more...]

Alphabet Soup Magazine for Kids: An Interview + Giveaway

Alphabet Soup Magazine

Today I welcome Rebecca Newman to Childhood 101.  Rebecca is an inspiring Mum who started a fabulous children's magazine, Alphabet Soup, in response to her daughter's passion but I will let Rebecca share the story (and be sure to read on for the opportunity to win a subscription to Alphabet Soup, … [Read more...]

Literacy Spot #12: Literacy in the Block Corner

Literacy in the block corner

I have spoken before about children having natural preferences for one type of play. Like Immy who turns everything play related into an imaginative game. I have also mentioned that as parents and educators we can extend our child's play beyond that which they already know and love, you may remember … [Read more...]