12 Christmas Action Songs & Finger Plays for Preschool & Kindergarten

12 Christmas Songs and Finger Plays. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten and lower primary/elementary grades.

One of the best things about Christmas has to be the music, right? We had such a lovely time listening to Immy sing with the choir at her school carol service last week, there may have even been the odd tear as I watched my big girl get carried away, singing with great gusto and pure joy. While many … [Read more...]

Using Props to Sing with Children

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This post is by regular contributor Kate Fairlie of Picklebums. I am not the world’s best singer and that’s okay. It doesn’t stop me from singing to my kids. Singing to and with young children is important. It assists language acquisition, can soothe a troubled moment, capture their … [Read more...]

Having a Ball With Musical Ball Play

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This post is by regular contributor Christine Gora of Kids Music Toys. Babies need some time on their tummies to aid their physical development. New mums are informed from many sources about the importance of this for their babies during their waking hours.  Tummy time increases muscle strength … [Read more...]

Dance & Creative Movement for Preschoolers

preschool movement activities

This post is by Christine Gora of Kids Music Toys. Children love to move and dance and preschoolers are mostly always active.  A great way to direct this movement energy into something rhythmic and musical is with some simple props and a little creativity. So how do you get your little movers and … [Read more...]

Kids Music 101: Xylophones and Glockenspiels


This post is by regular contributor Christine Gora of Kids Music Toys. Everyone knows that a xylophone is a classic child’s toy loved the world over.  But did you know that most of the toys that are called xylophones are in fact glockenspiels? A true xylophone has wooden bars. The name comes from … [Read more...]

Kids Music 101: Music and Emotions – Music for Calming


This post is by regular contributor Christine Gora of Kids Music Toys. In this post and over the next few months I will be exploring the ways in which music can be used to calm and to stimulate, how it can be used to influence emotion and mood, and also how it can be used for teaching children … [Read more...]

The Little Drummer: Drumming with Preschoolers

Little Drummer Boys

"Come they told me, pa rum pa pum pum A new born King to see pa rum pa pum pum" The strains of The Little Drummer Boy are in my ears as I write this, reminding me that there is a little drummer in every child. Keeping a beat is a basic musical instinct probably acquired from time in the womb … [Read more...]

Move over Wiggles and Hi-5…

Playschool is now way cool! Immy watches Playschool each day, usually in the morning as I am trying to shower, get dressed and check my email. I see Playschool as an appropriate show for a toddler and whilst I love singing and dancing along with her, I also feel safe in knowledge that Immy will … [Read more...]