20 Seasonal Finger Plays & Action Songs: Spring and Autumn

20 Seasonal Action Songs for Fall and Spring

Action songs and finger plays are fabulous for developing skills across a range of learning areas. They are particularly great for getting kids moving and encouraging gross and fine motor physical skill development, including body awareness and co-ordination. This collection of seasonal finger plays … [Read more...]

Kids Music 101: Music and Emotions – Music for Calming


This post is by regular contributor Christine Gora of Kids Music Toys. In this post and over the next few months I will be exploring the ways in which music can be used to calm and to stimulate, how it can be used to influence emotion and mood, and also how it can be used for teaching children … [Read more...]

The Little Drummer: Drumming with Preschoolers

Little Drummer Boys

"Come they told me, pa rum pa pum pum A new born King to see pa rum pa pum pum" The strains of The Little Drummer Boy are in my ears as I write this, reminding me that there is a little drummer in every child. Keeping a beat is a basic musical instinct probably acquired from time in the womb … [Read more...]

Four Simple Musical Games for Children

Game 1: Peek-A-Boo You will need: a plain sheer scarf All young children love peek-a-boo games. Peek - a- boo can be played with any item that covers the eyes but it can be really enhanced with a sheer scarf. Soft, light and floaty scarves are loved by babies and young children. This peek –a … [Read more...]

Easy Percussion Instruments for Kids: The Plate Dance

Simple percussion dance via Childhood 101

Each week we attend Wiggly Woo - a fun music and dance class for 1-5 year olds. Last term Immy's favourite dance was the 'plate dance.' It's a wonderfully, simple idea - all of the children and adults are each given two plastic plates to use as cymbal-like percussion instruments which we play to … [Read more...]